Today turned out to be a beautifully sunny day and I grabbed the chance to prance around in a short-sleeved shirt and shorts, and I flattened myself down in the sun on the docks to warm up the way reptiles do, and then we also had English class outside, on the grass, in a circle. That was fun, though the discussion went all over the place, and not with a particularly academic slant. But I’m getting used to that.

Then, I had my first activity of the year (CCA, essentially), a session at The Priory, which is an assisted learning facility for the terminally ill, and I spent around 40 minutes talking to a couple of old ladies, one of whom couldn’t really communicate. I will probably have more to say about them, but I was more excited about meeting a Singaporean there, a woman whose Canadian husband was living in the place, and her accent came out very strongly and it felt oddly familiar considering I never heard that extent of the accent much with the people I spoke to, anyway, and – then I was as acutely aware that I wasn’t speaking how she spoke as when I’m talking to the people in Pearson, so it seems – my accent goes all haywire and doesn’t really belong to either group at all D:

(It was kind of exciting to meet someone from Singapore, though. I guess this is what people meant, because I’ve heard that this was the case, but I could never really imagine it.)

We stopped at a supermarket at Langford (the next town after Metchosin) and it was gigantic, like open ceilings and I had to run searching for the fresh produce sections. I spent more money on chocolate and fruits and this 1 KG bag of gummies, and I resolve to save the sweets for a long, long time. The next time, I want to buy some crusty bread and maybe rice to cook /o\ I do want to minimize the amount of money I spend, though, since the point of my being on a scholarship is that I don’t spend more money.

I also went for the 2nd year theatre kids’ auditions for the 20 min play they have to put up, and it was – pretty fun! I didn’t sign up for it, because acting is kind of on my auto-tune filter, and then I saw how many people did sign up, and Aneri was going so I just went along for fun~ We did some tableau work, improv, four-line-dialogue and then on-the-spot scenarios as shouted out by the directors and – in a way, it’s easier to be bold around people you don’t know, but I’m just not taking very much advantage of that – I don’t feel like I’m reinventing myself, mostly because I don’t feel a need to, but in a stupid way, I feel like I’m wasting that opportunity /:

There were some epic moments like how I was just asked to stand there while two guys ~bullied me WHICH WAS NOT FUN, LOL they were like “HEY KAREN. HEY KAREN. WHERE DID YOU GET THAT SHIRT? FROM THE TOILET SHOP?” or something and other hilarious things ~

THIS IS SUCH A BORING POST I’M SORRY I just binged on chips (Ruffles, All-Dressed flavour, which is like awesomely delicious) and strange French Vanilla & Mango yogurt and I really want to go eat my strawberries before someone finishes them D: BUT I’VE BEEN EATING SO MUCH AND NOT GETTING MUCH EXERCISE because today I had activities and my legs were aching almost painfully the whole of day MY EXERCISE-RELATED TRAVAILS CONTINUE HERE IN CANADA, AS YOU CAN TELL.

I’m not quite sure what to say. I bonded with the girl from Czech Republic because I brought up Milan Kundera and then she was exciting that I knew him and then we went on to talk about ~things. I’m still not quite sure how friends work here, because it must be okay to be on your own here because you live on campus but I still don’t feel excitable and bouncy like I should, but it’s only been two weeks, right. Context!!

Project Week planning begins now, since our activities are more or less selected, and I’m not sure what to do \o/

Off to do work (: I kind of want to sleep ASAP.

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