SO. UM – YEAH. AND I HAVE HISTORY AND ENGLISH ASSIGNMENTS TO DO (and oh gosh, I’m so unused to actually having homework, can you imagine) THAT ARE DUE ON MONDAY

but essentially:

1) Growing Ops yesterday afternoon was a kind of flawless realization of the mental images ingrained in me since childhood through all the ridiculously Western literature I read, and it was kind of amazingly surreal: we went to dig irrigation trenches for this guy a couple of kilometres away from Pearson, and we gathered carrots and rutabagas (and a perpetual regret of mine would be that I’m so enamoured of planting but I am absolutely not attracted to most of the foods that I can plant) and shovelled dirt into a wobbly wheelbarrow and disturbed earthworms and spindly spiders from the dark, crumbly earth (that is an indication of good, composted soil \o/)

After that, we walked back along the rocky coast, and it was apparently the ‘smelly season’ because there was a stink about the air, but it didn’t actually bother me very much; it was very reminiscent of seaweed, which is perhaps logical. We stole liberated apples from people’s orchards and they were crunchy and not too sweet and we talked on the way back and popped just-ripen wild blackberries into our hungry mouths and the panoramic view was almost cinematic with its focused colours and the sharp, precise outlines of the mountains and buildings in the distance. We could see the live volcano with its crown of snow and both the sky and the sea seemed to stretch out endlessly into that distant point where they met and it felt like the world could just tip over into impossibly blue space – and the sun! 

(You have no idea how oddly familiar – or unreal – it feels to be doing things like this.) 

2. THEN we just had a biology class where we looked at all the organisms in our water table, and we touched sea slugs (which are gloriously, fascinatingly squishy) and sea cucumbers and carnivorous sea stars and decorator crabs and a tiny clam that could swim away rapidly from predators and sea urchins and they are so excitingly new and intriguing. It’s an interesting contrast because I’m so used to seeing tiny, brightly coloured fish and terrapins in aquariums, but never these. It was seriously exciting, though; if my timetable permits, I’m almost definitely going to change Biology to Marine Science.

On a less upbeat note, my philosophy writing task might have beaten – some previous mediocre essay in being the worse thing I’ve ever written \o/ But that’s okay. Dinner was almost excellent; we had BBQ chicken drumsticks, and some of us wanted so badly to take some back to our house and cook rice to eat with that, but we didn’t. This happy event was then followed by another, wherein I went to bed at 7.30 for almost two hours and a half, because I suddenly felt irresistibly sleepy.

MEANWHILE: ALL THE BEST FOR/HAVE FUN WITH CHEMISTRY/LIBERATION, DEPENDING ON WHICH SIDE OF THE SLASH YOU FALL ON ♥ I am anticipating the weekend, too. Let me know if you guys want to Skype & we can arrange ~dates (:


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