the radio is jamming

I have been hit by this odd plague of exhaustion that takes you by surprise, unreasonably, because I’m getting more than enough sleep, and I’m not even doing very much physical activity. I forgot to mention that the Growing Ops afternoon was pretty physically active, but mostly my level of activity tapers off towards the end of the week because I bike on the weekends and kayak on Monday, so that’s the intensive physical action done at the start. It’s inconvenient because I tend only to do work at night, because the little chunks of time I have in the day are not conducive to proper concentration, and so I while those away on my laptop or watching the sky on the dock.

Nevertheless, I am pressing on! with regards to my history and english assignments. I hope.

Meanwhile, today was a sublime continuation of the happy day that yesterday was (the phone conversation I had with  was impossibly helpful and really buoyed my feelings ♥) and – IDK, this is what I hope for when I say things will come naturally, because it did, and everything was a level more awesome; then again, the arbitrary nature of  these moods scare me a little for the complete lack of control I have over them. I felt that elusive vibe of excitement these two days, and it matters, your frame of mind and where you start from, because I was mostly : D the whole day and I could actually talk to people and be all Excited and I guess it will come with practice (:

Sailing was so, so incredibly fun today; the day was beautiful, and we went out on our small Laser boats. There was an odd number of people so I went on the rescue boat initially before swopping over with someone else, and we were sailing in pairs and I haven’t quite gotten the hang of maneuvering or reacting smoothly enough, but the feel of the boat just slicing butter-smooth through the water is exquisite, and the tip of the boat thrilling, when you turn (inexpertly, oops) and the sail catches the wind too much and the boat leans too sharply to one side and nearly falls over. We did capsize once, but that was fun too, and the water was pretty awesome under the sun and over our wetsuits, even with my wetsuit not properly fastened (and water went everywhere and that would be fun except I was having my period and I didn’t expect to capsize so BUT OH WELL) and all in all -!

My Project Week is kind of settled, too; I’m going on a biking trip around the island with a couple of people, and tonight we threw darts randomly at nine maps to locate the destinations we are going to cover, and it was quite : D One of their darts landed in the middle of lake, so it’s possible we’re going to ride to the edge and then swim to that point, which! \o/ Apparently, the girl who was going tentatively pulled out and so they told me that I was the only girl left in the group, which may or may not be awkward, but I’m mostly fine, I guess. It’s not like it’ll make that much of a difference to me, having a girl alongside me, if we’re not all that close, anyway.

Tiny steps! I remind myself of so many things – optimism, self-consciousness, time – everyday; in my calmer moods, I remember that I just need to get used to everything here. I hope you guys are doing great, too (:

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