i feel like i’m back :D?

My skin feels more familiar on me now. I guess this is what is meant by ‘settling in’; it’s so easy to use words without actually having experiencing the full weight of the emotions behind them. The excitement is setting in – or the buoyancy, the optimism, the sheer gratitude in being alive and here and the quiet happiness that follows me around campus feels like me in RJ again, so – I am relieved and content (and half-worrying that it’ll go away as suddenly as it came, but that’s another thing altogether). It’s unbelievable – I am sitting on the wooden bridge leading down to the docks because the sun is out, and it’s a gorgeous evening and I feel like I must take advantage of every minute the sun’s out, because what I hear about winter here is all grey and gloom. It’s fairly warm out, and the unassuming company of the rocks and the overhanging branches reaching out to the heart of the bay and the birds flying overhead is incredibly peaceful. My breath literally caught earlier when I became aware of noises on the docks and I looked and there was a family of otters nosing around the sailboats and play-fighting with sharp nips and bats of their paws and their sleek brown bodies are gorgeous as they slip into the water and made little gurgling noises with their bodies.

(I didn’t bring a camera so I tried taking some photos with my laptop’s webcam but they aren’t very clear. It was amazing, though – there are so many of them, and they looked at me curiously when I stepped closer, and one of them even seemed to posed for me. It’s insane, the way wildlife is so intricately a part of your environment here; I was hurrying to the end of the docks where they were, and in my haste, I didn’t even see the giant heron-like bird perched on the docks until I had startled it into flight and its wings stretched out and I was like holy crap because it was so big and so near, and it glided across the water like it owned the place.)

I guess – it’s overwhelming, the immense beauty of the place. We had our house meeting up in the Observatory last night and the view was unbelievable. I remember the first time I actually looked up at the sky while I was walking to Calgary House and the first sight of the night sky here was like a portrait. (You can actually, you know, see stars here.) It’s absolutely amazing; I tried taking photos but that didn’t work, so all you have is my word for it~ From the top, you can see the lights of the Marina as well, and the majesty of the landscape below. In the evening, I went down to the docks and sat on one of the moored boats and soaked up the warmth of the sun, and that was lovely, too.

I am now going to stop talking about lovely things. History essay, for example, was not lovely. It was such a depressing piece of work; we had one week and I thought to do it like a term paper (which, as apparent from the name, is meant to be done over a term) and ended up overreaching myself and writing a confused essay, but it’s done, painfully, so that’s that. English essay should have been begun earlier, but I tried a couple of times (creative writing piece, see) and the words only managed to come this morning during the impromptu free block we had because English lesson was cancelled, and it is almost finished, so I’m – absolving myself of responsibility /o\ I may be losing track of homework a little. Why would you want to do homework in a place like this? I’d rather lean back against a tree and read a book. Or go kayaking. Or sailing.

I can’t remember if I talked about our first proper sailing. We went into the bay in pairs and practised tacking (which is when you zig-zag across a distance to catch the wind and avoid capsizing – KIND OF. I haven’t done my sailing research yet.) and we capsized like twice, towards the end, and we had a couple of near misses because I’ve not yet gotten the hang of reacting to the wind changes, but it was great fun.

Returning from that aside to the point on academics, so we got back the philosophy essay today and I did not do as badly as I should have, which is ridiculous, because it was a terrible piece of writing, but, you know. I don’t know where to go from here. I’ll probably attempt to fix what I thought was wrong in the next essay and then score worse in the process. We have in-class essay assignments every four blocks. I think this is a good thing, actually. Practice! since Pearson only fulfills 65% of the IB recommended hour requirements. Practice is a good thing.

MY HANDS ARE COLD NOW. The general :) is making it easier to talk to people, like I knew it would.

I am at a bit of a loss for things to say now, so I will head for dinner. I have homework to do tonight; it will not do to lose track of things. Re: other things, friendslocking is actually going to happen now, so this post is public, but I will be friendslocking things dealing with ~specificity (IF YOU GOT THIS INCEPTION/ARTHUR REFERENCE \o/) and in particular more personal, possibly scintillating details, so you might want to get an LJ account if you want to read those and don’t already have one. It’s not that complicated, and you can log in permanently so every time you look at an LJ, you’re already logged in <- minimum hassle! : D Add me if you do, or comment or something; I can also email you locked posts, I guess (:

PhotobucketThis is me in my sailing wetsuit! The kayaking one has no sleeves.I should have worn my fingerless gloves~Photobucket

My roommate’s shirt. This is so awesomely true, I don’t even.


The monster fungus growing on the stump outside MCL. I think some of the fungus are actually eating and digesting the fungus below, gosh.


The path leading away from MCL. That’s the library in the left side.


This is the Superstore! It’s huge. It’s in Langford, around 50 minutes bike ride away from Pearson. 35 if you bike really fast~


College bikes we rode to Langford!


The carpark. This is a big carpark.


Pumpkins. These are big pumpkins. They almost look fake, even.


Sheep! In a field by the road on the way back from Langford.


The road! We got off the Galloping Goose because one cyclist coming in the opposite direction told us that there was a mother bear and its cub a little distance ahead, and we thought we should avoid it.


Dinner! The lasagne was ridiculously good; I had three helpings and then I felt so stuffed I refused to sit for an hour after. I was agonizingly typing my history essay in standing up, balancing my laptop on the side of my desk.

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