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It is the verge of Thanksgiving weekend; my weekend started unofficially after lunch today, because I had my last free block (TOK, theory of knowledge – potentially Pearson’s equivalent of PW, lol) after that, so I was supremely excited during lunch. Part of that excitement came also from the presence of fries, and dinner was meatballs and pasta, which was also pretty good.

Half the campus is going to be gone – a quarter has left, I think – for various places to celebrate Thanksgiving; many of the Canadians have friends or family in the vicinity, and then some more have host parents and assorted plans, but there are things happening on campus too, tree-planting and 10/10/10 being the International Work Day or something of that sort, and sailing activities, and I’m just grateful for the three-day-weekend and the brief respite from the cluster and bustle of classes &etc. I wanted to go on my weekly bike trip to Victoria either tomorrow or Sunday, but I’m not sure how many people can make it tomorrow, and there’s a group of people going to a place called the Goldstream Provincial Park to watch the salmon run, which sounds absolutely amazing on Sunday, but if I go there then I will probably not be able to make it for the bike trip, and the thing is, a few people from my house want to cook something extravagant on Sunday night (after the petty success of my fried rice, my appetite has only been whetted and I want to buy some kind of raw meat and actually cook that with the sauces I brought from Singapore I AM PRETTY EXCITED, CAN YOU TELL.

So I’m not sure how I want to arrange my weekend. It’s going to be a (cold and) rainy few days – apparently, the last of the sun has gone – so hopefully I will not be tempted to go outside and I shall finish the growing pile of books that are on my table. I feel some kind of change creeping into my psyche – I am so into sleep now, it’s slightly distressing. I think it has something to do with the accessibility of my bed, because it’s basically my entire room, right; after writing a letter during free block, I had 30 min left before sailing and I just crawled into bed and curled in my blankets for 15 minutes, and it was awesome. Four hours of class couldn’t pass quickly enough, and I look forward so much to school ending and activities starting and the weekend coming, so I can laze around reading or talking or just listening to music and doing absolutely nothing. All the while, I can’t shake the feeling that I should be pushing myself further, damn it – academically, this should be nothing to me, and I should be doing more if I want anything after this (I was looking at SAT II tests earlier, and it’s actually not very familiar – World History is basically just MCQ questions and it’s kind of like WSC in a sense, but I was pretty bad at that, so I don’t know what to think) or anything that is traditionally defined as ‘academic success’ for me, and the stupid thing is that even though I know that this is only one version of achievements and it’s something that is socially ingrained, it doesn’t stop me from wanting that, you know? It still matters to me, but the academic classes here are losing the interest the subjects used to hold for me, and oddly enough, the classes I enjoy the most now are French, English and Biology, which is so wrong.

(Biology was spectacular today; we did a population comparison of different countries, our home countries, and seeing the different people and backgrounds represented as snapshots on a piece of paper is a very revelatory experience. It’s not something we can’t do in Singapore, but the weight of the information is so different – it reminded me of how far everyone has come, mostly, to this place and in a sense, how lucky all of us are, to leave places with life expectancies of 44 years and things like that, and also how privileged we all are, particularly those coming from the less developed countries, because often they are not representative of their country’s averages.

I AM SORRY FOR THE SUDDEN SERIOUNESS OF THIS ENTRY. I originally wanted to post because I just found out that Metric is playing in Victoria on Nov 10, Sun, and the better tickets cost only $39.50 (plus tax, I suppose) AND I REALLY, REALLY WANT TO GO. Like come on! It’s at 8 PM, though, and there’s school the next day, and I will probably not be allowed to ): but! Also, I found out a few days ago that Tom Hardy is actually in Vancouver right now. How – disorienting is that! HE IS SO CLOSE.

Also, I am supremely annoyed at Firefox because it refuses to open and I’m forced to use IE, which has weirded out my LJ posting page. I can’t edit without additional letters eating the original letters. In any case, my laptop is running out of battery, and I want to read (magazines and books and fic) and I want to sleep earlier so I can get up at 6.45 AM tomorrow to Skype, so I am heading off (:


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