PERHAPS you have expected this but it is time for my possibly hormonally-regulated shifts in moods, because today was a brilliant day and in the morning, there was no indication whatsoever that it was going to be, except I just felt – more. More everything. It felt like the start of a cold spell (I’ve always wanted to say that; doesn’t it sound romantic) because I woke up and it was instantly chilly and I was running to my classes all bundled up. Biology continued with its fascinating exploration of human populations and the discussion was easy-going; TOK was exceptional (it was prefaced by a hilarious incident in which someone thought I was a 2nd year and refused to believe otherwise even when I told him I wasn’t) – it sounds like it could be the UWC equivalent of PW, but it is actually seeming to be the class most representative of the UWC values because right now, we’re doing something called Knower’s Perspective and we’re basically talking about each other’s cultures and backgrounds and inferring from that the kind of veils we see the world through (I am inferring that inference : D) and we actually get to talk about our cultures, specific things in our culture, and it’s like seeing the mundane details of your life through lenses that colour them novel and fascinating. My group talked about, in particular, the Ghost Festival and the superstitions and the stunned semi-awed looks on the other people’s faces were just amazing, and – hearing about other people’s lives in such concrete, personal terms is one of the most interesting things I will ever do, I think.

So that was great – the class flew by, and that’s the best kind of class to have, yeah, and the sun came out sometime thereafter and before French, I climbed out the tiny window in the class that leads to the roof and it was a glorious, liberated feeling to be high up in the sun, and it was especially hilarious when I turned to say hi to someone who walked in and he jumped in such a violently startled way that I jumped in response and then we burst out in the sort of shocked laughter that somehow fosters a sense of closeness. Then, in class, while presenting a French song (we do this for each class \o/), someone talked about how she was listening to it when she received her letter of acceptance and all of a sudden, I was recalling how I found out (phone call) and the first person I called (), in turn, and then somehow I remembered how it felt, the last day of RJ, being at school, walking out of 1B having said goodbye so inadequately, and everyone after that, and it was – it was – it is very easy, being here, to sink into the details and classes and hours that blends each day together, and get used to the buildings and the path and the sun, but you look back at how you left and what you left, and how different this place really is, and it’s a new revelation, each time, my being here.

If that’s part of the reason why I was happy today, I am glad that there’s some part of me that’s sensible, at least, under all the attendant insecurities and silly, fluctuating misery. Lunch was not worth a mention, so I left early and sat on the steps leading towards Max Bell where there was sun and Internet, and then there were a couple of brilliant, awesome things: ‘s email, which – was amazing (I was laughing to the verge of tears), an email with the offer to possibly actually watch Metric live! and an email from the nurse, just checking up on me, and so – so English started on a high-energy note. The presentation was alright – I think we settled too much into explanatory mode and forgot to actively keep the energy up, so tip for future presentations! It was a good lesson, though; some of the personal awe transferred to the class, so that’s an achievement, at least. AND SO the day ended beautifully – I spent a lovely afternoon sailing (we saw a sea lion poking its curious head above the water), and then practicing kayak rescues in the pool (kayaking test tomorrow!) and the best part of today must be that I’ve had more than a few conversations which moved without thought or self-consciousness. I like that brief spark of connection with a person, that feeling of a conversation of thoughts instead of its usual distracting trappings.

(why is the photo so small D: ) This is the cafe. 

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