let it just be said that

I am glad to be alive, and here, and me, even.

In less than 24 hours, I’ve just had long, significant conversations with a few of the best people in my life and it’s possibly difficult to imagine, but any contact from home is just spectacular, and concretely, it helps me to be happy here, gets me buoyant and un-selfconscious and elastic. I think about it sometimes and how utterly lucky I am to have people that will stay up late to talk to me for hours and listen to me ramble on and on about the most irrelevant things ever, a few continents away. It’s a brilliant, sunny day and the bay is a glittering expanse of water and I have nothing that needs to be done all day except read, and sleep.

I will try to remind myself of that; I am thinking of you guys more than you probably expect, but in a joyous sense.

(Now I think I will go lie on the docks until lunch and listen to music and revel in being alive, for a bit.)

There was a brief flare of conflict because I just saw Garth go down to kayak and I was like shit i want to but. but. but. Tere will be other chances. Am I not being an opportunity-seizer? D:

Also, tomorrow morning I’m going off on my first Project Week, and I’ll be biking for a week around the island as well as going to Salt Spring Island and I might die but it will be interesting, and I will probably get Internet either Saturday or Sunday night, latest. Take care, meanwhile ♥


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