Not any kind of justifiable exhaustion, though; I just threw my sleep schedule entirely into whack and it was pretty Exciting (talk about cheap thrills!) I went to sleep at 8.15 AM this morning, because I was running low on adrenaline and I didn’t think I’d have made it another two hours for kayaking at 10 AM without any kind of necessary engagement, and in the end, I slept till 12 and missed that too, so that’s that. (I also missed the treats-part of brunch ): Only bacon and egg and fried potatoes and strawberry muffins left by the time I went.)

My logic for that was because I was going to skype  at 6 AM (daylight saving kicked into effect last night, so now we’re finally, properly, 16 hours behind you guys) and I knew I was going to miss it if I slept, so I’d taken a nap in the afternoon on Saturday in ~preparation, and then bam up all night, and miraculously, Pearson wifi is somehow managing to come into the dayroom (which is actually where I am, right now) so I talked to people from 4 AM onwards, and that was nice. I’m trying to decide if I should in fact just do this every week instead of trying to find snatches of time to talk to you guys during the week, because it’s very counterproductive.

My decision was kind of made for me, though, because the Sat night event, Calgary’s Karaoke Night, was phenomenal; I originally intended to drop by for half an hour and I ended up staying the entire three hours. We sang a whole lot of trashy pop and old pop and some foreign songs (the chinese people did a couple of Jay Chou and one Jolin/David Tao song) and the entire atmosphere just got better and better and everyone sang along and then people ran up to the stage and did awesome performances and went absolutely crazy and it felt good and extremely cathartic to just go up and let loose and belt out songs at the top of your voice \o/ (Also, good clean fun, you know, and it’s good that we know how to have fun like this, that we can, without needing alcohol as lubricant or other things~) That ended at 12 MN, and then a few of the chinese people decided to hold a small, Chinese! one and so four of us went to the LLT (Little Lecture Threatre, lol) to sing Jay Chou and some Lee Hom and other Chinese songs for an hour and a half, and it was incredibly poignant and Asian, to be singing Jay Chou (HE WILL ALWAYS HAVE A SPECIAL PLACE IN MY HEART K~) in the sense that it was Chinese and songs that I listened to in my childhood and all the words and the emotions and it felt amazingly familiar, the shape of the words and the tone and the sounds of them, and it made me very, very glad to be Chinese and able to speak Chinese and have that refuge available to me.

(This is now a day after because I got distracted~) I don’t even really know what to say. Today for kayaking we went to the pool to do low and high braces; the latter isn’t exactly easy, because I have this instinctive aversion to tipping over and I don’t manage to do it extreme enough to practise my high brace, but – practice! Kayaking makes me happy, in a kind of familiar way that doesn’t correspond at all to what I should be feeling towards it, given how canoeing in RJ went, right, but the point is moot: cutting through the water makes me happy. I need to get better acquainted with the expedition kayak and its techniques, though.

People are becoming more familiar, dearer, and I suppose that is not a bad thing. The weather has been charming; there was sun today, though I am still disoriented because daylight saving has made the day much brighter when I wake up and the night darker much earlier (it’s almost full dark at 5.30 PM). This Wednesday is TOK day, and we’ll have some experential workshops (I’m going to teach people how to use chopsticks! Entirely in Mandarin!) in the morning, and short talks in the afternoon by both teachers and students, and it promises to be interesting and fun, and of course, I’m not complaining about the free day (:

I feel like I have more things to say, but I am tired of finding words for them. I hope you guys have a great week of post-PW :D


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