hello there.

It feels like I haven’t posted in a while, but I can’t do much to rectify that because I’m in the cafe just after brunch and due to miscalculation on my part, my laptop is nearly out of battery (I have less than eighteen minutes left, and we all know that’s way insufficient!) 

Weekends – this weekend, at the very least – are always so full of inertia; I went for a semi-long walk out of Pearson College yesterday, trailing along the main road until I was stopped by David and Lisa, who thought I wanted a ride to Metchosin or back to school, and said I looked cold and lonely, though I didn’t feel like either. It was a beautifully still day; the rain misting down seemed resigned to itself, and my hands were seaching the crevices of my pocket for the illusion of warmth, but inside my head, it was quiet and it stayed that way for the two hours I was out.

My parents and brother are coming over here on the 25th; they are leaving Singapore on the 18th. If there are things you might conceivably wish to airmail to me in the near future, it might be easier for you to leave them with my parents in the next few days. (Let me know.)

This also means that I won’t be going back to Singapore this winter break. I’m not sure what I am going to do yet – I have intentions of either travelling around Europe or Canada. There is actually a Jay Chou concert in Vancouver on the 23rd but I just checked ticket prices and it’s at least $117 and just, no. If anything, though, I’m still going to Vancouver because flights out of Vancouver are half the prices of those from Victoria (and of course, Christmas Eve tickets are the cheapest). There are so many things I want to do, though – I want to bike around Vancouver Island, I want to see all different parts of Canada, go where there’s snow, I want to go to France to actually speak French -! And I don’t know. I’m afraid of not resting properly, of being too tired for school the term after that, but that’s ridic. It’s funny (and so typical) that I don’t know what to do with this freedom I now have.

Now I am back. Recently, there has been a tiny renaissance in terms of my piano-playing; I found someone with a compendium of music scores, and I photocopied some songs, and that kind of pushed me into going back to playing. It’s a compulsion – on Thursday I played for three hours, almost, getting back into it after over a year of disuse, and it’s been at least an hour in front of the piano every day since, so I suppose that’s that. A surprising number of people are proficient at the piano here; more than anything, that reminds me of the kind of people we have here, how by some measure and at some point, we are (supposed to be) incredibly talented and interesting individuals.

Last night was first year production (second year theatre students did all the production work, and first year theatre students acted in it) and it was pretty good, sufficiently different enough that I didn’t feel much of nostalgia, but basically enjoyable. There was one brilliant scene, and the rest were all competently good, and so were the actors. It was essentially a mosaic of scenes from different plays, and so there wasn’t quite a line of continuity, but just a series of snapshots. After that was another musical café, and I was Snape in Potter Puppet Pals’ MYSTERIOUS TICKING NOISE and that was buckets and buckets of fun : D In the flickering darkness of the common room, I was looking at everyone and feeling the strangest sense of displacement, as though I was watching a brilliantly rendered movie of all these gorgeously different people. Things happened before and after, the little things that affirm or dismantle you, and it’s – I keep forgetting these are people too, the ones I’m too afraid or disinterested or reluctant or forgetful or shy to talk to. 

I don’t have photos of my walk loaded into my laptop yet, but I have some of TOK day and a few random ones of people.

That’s Ivan (the boy, not the monkey.) Aneri is hiding behind the monkey (the monkey is purposely there to hide her.)

This is a horrible photo of me but that’s Aneri in the back, Ivan, and Mauricio in the foreground.

Renzo, trying to write Chinese.

The Cantonese session!

The use of chopsticks is a difficult art to master.

Oh, failure! (Yannick, Hong Kong; Einat, Israel.)

The Mandarin session! That’s Andrew (philosophy teacher) and Seb (history teacher) in the foreground, from the left.

I was – trying very hard to look Chinese. That’s Yongyi (left) and Ray, my Chinese co-years.


Finally, a gorgeous French song: 



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