a week! a week!

it doesn’t feel nearly as long – I don’t know what to post about, my days no longer seem as defined as they used to, t hough I’m sure much has happened that I would want to remember in a few days (years) time.

1. It snowed for the first time on Friday night, after we went for room dinner at My-Chosen cafe (in Metchosin, see the punny name!), this restaurant a fifteen minute drive away which a lot of us go on weekends, and the food was pretty good (especially the desserts!) We ate a lot – well, ate a lot. I shared a plate of breaded oysters, half a rack of ribs and half a chicken with Renata (which was awesome, omg – though the oysters weren’t fantastic), with mushroom soup and fries, and then we had five desserts for the four of us (well, okay, two were mine – white chocolate raspberry cheesecake and triple berry pie – but we shared!!) and we gossiped a lot about Affairs at the College (\o/) and we saw at least four other groups of people there. While we waited for the cab to take us back to school, I coloured in a picture of a farmyard with crayons (:D) and when the cab came, as we stepped out, it started snowing minutely, tiny pinpricks of cold on us, and I was like OMG !!!!!

It sleeted that night, not quite real snow because it was still above zero, but it was lovely and exciting, nonetheless, and the rest of those who have never quite seen snow before were all really excited, though the Canadians and Europeans were, in general, quite bemused.

Emma & Farah!


The ribs and the chicken!

The garlic bread was amazing.

Really good mushrooms!

One of the cheesecakes we had!

Amazing chocolate cake!

A ~date.

Snow ~lettuce haha. This was the fake-snow on Saturday morning.

At first, there was only white snow on the roofs because it was still a little too warm for snow to set properly.

Snow-tipped plants! They’re gorgeous.

was Sunday morning. It’s shockingly amazing.


It was absolutely amazing.

As was this.

And this.

And again –


The snowman we made! :D

2. The weekend was spent in a spate of unproductivity. Saturday was African-Carribean Regional Day, which started off with this far too extravagant brunch – it snowed more then, with actual snow cover on the ground, and I spent part of the day in the library (pretending to) do(ing) homework –  math, I think it was, prepping for HL trigo – but I got distracted midway by all the snow (I was terrified that it’ll melt by the time I finished my work) so I went back to the house to get properly dressed, and then went around campus collecting what meagre snow there was and throwing it at unsuspecting people (TO BE FAIR, VIcente started the whole thing by touching a snowball to my face while I was in the library being quietly productive at math D<) and it was so much fun though I wasn’t wearing my gloves than so my hands starting stinging and turning lobster red and after a while I couldn’t quite feel my ears and I wasn’t exactly sure they were still attached to my head. In any case, dinner was exceptional, some kind of beef curry and goat stew, and rice (I unfortunately stuffed myself, as I seem to be wont to do whenever there is good food.)

The show was pretty amazing, the dances and the coordination and the entire atmosphere, and in particular, what stood out was Logan, who gave a speech with an almost performance-poetry quality about it, on what being black meant and that he was proud of being black and why, and it was incredibly stirring and it felt personal and it was one of the few times I’ve seen rhyme used effectiively as a rhetorical device. I can’t help wondering how it feels, when people with African heritage or ancestry or ethnicity think about it or are asked to remember it, because I can only imagine that while it must feel so terribly personal at times, on the other hand, it is also a distant past, and possibly far less your own than that of another race or culture, yet you are almost always, almost inevitably, linked to it as though it must have a defining role in your life, as though it must have made you who you are.

(And then sometimes I wonder if growing up in Singapore is why I have such ahistorical thoughts, and questions about the emotional and symbolic influences of your culture and history, because I haven’t been taught or expected to look for such meanings in my own history.)

3. I can’t even remember what Sunday was spent doing – I know there was yet another brunch, and I don’t think I did anything particularly exciting. House meeting was the usual, though less whiny, with less complaints, and subsequently – I AM DRAWING A BLANK. I wanted to go to sleep early because I have breakfast duty this week, and that means I have to report at 7 AM, but I was gossiping with my room (well, Renata, Denise – our unofficial fifth roommate – and later, Farah) about ~relationships and we talked a little and I went to bed finally past midnight.

4. Breakfast kitchen duty is supremely boring – not many people turn up, and even fewer use utensils conscientiously, but Monday itself was briliant because it started snowing really heavily, and it was actually sticking to the ground and piling up, and people had officially decreed it "Real Snow". I was supremely excited during cookie break – I was pelting snow at people, and wrapping my terribly cold hands around people’s necks, and a lot of us were just outside the caf scraping snow off benches and trying to stuff it down people’s shirts \o/ After Further Math class, we had a snowball war with the Art class outside the Anthro building (where we had class) on a slope, and it was so, so much fun though I still wasn’t wearing mittens and my hands started stinging after a while. BUT IT WAS SO, SO MUCH FUN. Philosophy class after that was cancelled, so I went to join the other snowball fight going on, and basically, it felt like the whole day was spent playing with snow and revelling in winter and all the things you do as a child if you actually lived in a temperate climate!! Lunch was unmitigated snow warfare, and people were just throwing snow into people’s faces and jumping at people to tackle them to the ground, and it was exhilarating (and I had mittens this time and oddly enough they actually help a lot, though mine were kind of thin and holey) BUT YEAH, IN CASE YOU MISSED MY POINT, SNOW = FUN.

In the afternoon, there was supposed to be a snowball fight in the football field, but on the way I passed firefighters (student job) trying to make an ice rink in the tennis courts, and there was such a thick, pristine layer of snow over that I got distracted and enthralled, so I stopped and made first, a snow angel, and then a snowman! (Or the base of one.) It was an hour and a half of kneeling in the snow and rolling a ball around until it slowly grew and grew to the height of my knees. (I do have photos, but I’ll upload them later.) THAT WAS FUN TOO I keep giggling creepily to myself as my snowball grew larger and larger, and it felt incredibly liberating, to be hands and knees in the snow and just playing with it frivolously :D It’s hell on my knees and my entire body, though (apparently staying in a crouched position isn’t easy on your muscles) – they started aching immediately the day after, and they still are now, even though I can’t see any bruises or scratches on them. 

IN ANY CASE, after that, I had to lug that giant monster of a snowball up to my house with Tram Anh’s help. I had a head too, but it broke into pieces when I tried to fix it on top, and so it languished a night with a tiny, misshapen head before Aneri, Farabee and I remedied that by making it !complete yesterday.

BUT I AM TIRED NOW and so I will continue writing later. I actually have a ton of homework to do because I’m going to be gone all weekend and I don’t think I’ll do much homework next week either because I would probably want to eat with my parents and stuff, and this is a week where I actually have homework, in particular two essays!! due, and general reading. Alors, on y va!


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