mmm cookies.

1. Amber and I cooked for our host parents today; it went pretty well – they have a great kitchen, and an elaborately stocked pantry. I made Thai pineapple rice (in an actual pineapple boat! The first half of the pineapple I scooped out was terribly mutilated but then I realized I could just google it and I did and the next one turned out much more presentably \o/) and Amber made blueberry white chocolate ginger cookies from a recipe I found and they were so, so good – she’s laced them with magic, I swear. She made a double batch, and they looked gorgeous and the rice was pretty good as well, if not exactly right, and I figured out why all my previous attempts at frying rice didn’t work very well. You need to actually put oil in to get that sizzling noise /o\ The sauce also covered the taste of the brown rice, which was probably necessary.

BUT COOKIES. And we spent maybe $33 on all the food, and there were enough for four of us, with plenty left over, so it’s – I mean, it’s so cheap cooking for yourself, and I put chicken and crab meat and mushrooms! in there and so :D I love cooking, omg I AM SUCH A HOUSEWIFE, I SWEAR.

2. I just got distracted by so this post is going end here.


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