except dinner.


– made dinner! Host parents went to a concert; I was supposed to meet up with a couple of people but that fell through and then I was too sleepy because I was up till 2 AM last night skyping  and I read a little and then I – made dinner! It was pretty good (I enjoy cooking so much it’s ridiculous); I butter-fried mushrooms and then I made an omelette with cheese and more mushrooms and it was the best omelette I’ve ever made in my life \o/ (Well, not that that’s saying much, but I turned the heat on low this time and so I actually managed to flip the omelette without it breaking and it was awesome good and I could cook all day :D 

(I want my camera but I can’t find it WOE IS ME.) dinner was also kind of more breakfast-y because, yeah, omelette, right, and then I had orange juice.

– my host parents’ grandson, Bryden, came, and he’s precious. He’s six, and he talks like he’s a very well-developed twelve, though he’s not that good at reading yet, and he’s adorable and has gorgeous eyelashes and will grow up to be beautiful on the outside and pretty good on the inside, I think, if his grandparents are anything to go by. (Their relationship is beautiful, I think. I can’t imagine finding someone else like that to live with day in and day out, and not get bored, and have such commonality of interests with.) He speaks better French than I do /o\


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