This may be one of the few genuine holidays I’ve ever had. Am behind on my holiday reading, but I haven’t been trying particularly hard. Finished with my English text, but that’s about it. Am on the computer way too much, now that internet is readily available (and of a superior quality, I might add), and I will – wean myself back off it again. Have spent the past two nights watching two Canadian shows, one called 18 to Life, which is about a teenage couple who got married because they wanted to, and their trials and tribulations with both sets of parents-in-law, and it is actually very classily done and humourous with no gratuitious sex scenes or excessively snarky moments. I didn’t expect to enjoy it so much but I did. The other one was a cooking show, which was very edifying. Unfortunately, the Canadian media authority/channel website I watched it on restricts it to showing within Canada.

I am quite happy – or at least, light, carefree – in my host family’s house, and that was the case during Project Week as well, and it makes me consider how I actually feel on campus, right, and if that’s normal. I was reading 7 Reasons the 21st century is making you unhappy (or something like that; I forgot the exact title) and there was one about not seeing the physical, tangible results of our work anymore, and I guess that’s why cooking makes me so happy. Making something instead of just consuming, which is so thoughtless and easy.

I like waking up in the mornings in the room, with the sunlight slanting through the window and onto the bed, and the blue of the sky and the light, curly clouds. It’s been a couple of lovely days, though the wind picked up ridiculously last night and I felt like I was being blown backwards as I hurried down the dark streets from Mido’s host family’s house to mine (I got disoriented a couple of times, but on the whole I think I did pretty well, getting home in half an hour without actually knowing how – it would have taken a shorter time if I hadn’t had to double back), but the sun was usually out in the day, and there’s something about its rarity that makes each appearance remarkable and gorgeous on the buildings lining the streets and the streetlamps and the asphalt roads.

Yesterday was spent in shops, mostly; I bought $50 worth of clothes at Value Village, this huge secondhand shop, and that’s like eight pieces of clothing, so that’s pretty good. I’ve also seen a couple of cheap sales items in the shops that I will eventually get, and then that’s about it – I have resolved not to spend more than $150 on things this break. Then Mauricio (1st year from Honduras) and I walked around at this other huge store, Capital Iron, and then on the way back I saw Mido and Farah by accident, and I walked a ways with them back to their house. There was also this funny moment when I wa buying stamps, and the woman put this Vancouver medallion coin on my bill by accident for $27.50 and the price of five stamps became $33.70 and I was like holy fuck that’s expensive but then I realized that made no sense and I looked at my receipt and went back for a refund.

Am going to the pool today; that ought to be fun! Have a good pre-Christmas week, guys ♥ (if you still want a letter -! I can afford stamps, promise.)


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