if nothing else.

Today was very acutely felt to be a waste of a day, although there were moments of beauty – it was a warm day, the sun cheery and comforting, and I took the opportunity to skip out in a colourful sundress and tights, so I felt light and lovely, except it was mostly wasted because the people I met up with generally just wanted to 1) lounge around in the house until the sun was almost down, and 2) amble aimlessly through the big shops downtown, which wasn’t something I really thought was worth doing, especially since the only reason I really went out was for Mido’s birthday, and I wanted to cook something special for him, but they all had to go back for dinner and – in general, I’m just not sure what I did with my afternoon, and not really happy with how I spent it, because I really wanted to have been reading. I hope this reminds me.

There were a couple of saving graces: while waiting for them to mentally ready themselves for Venturing Out Of The House Into The Great Unknown, I went on a quick walk around the neighbourhood because I was edgy and didn’t want to lose the sunlight, and everything was toasty golden, and on the way back, I saw a golden retriever across the street while its owner and his friend discussed something by their truck, and I barely had to gesture at it before it came over and allowed itself to be petted and stroked, and within a few seconds, it flopped down by the side of the streets and rolled over obligingly so I could stroke its tummy, and that was minutes of pure joy. Mido’s host mom has a cat, too, that was more finicky and less tactile. Then at The Bay Center, the main mall downtown, we saw lots of Pearson people, and that was a novelty, too; if anything, this break is sort of helping me differentiate between people I know and people I like. (Stupidly, it’s still kind of scary that I like people, here.) Demi came by, and we hung out a little.

I bought $22.70 worth of body shop stuff, because they were having a charity promotion where you donate $5 to their charity and you get 50% off everything you bought. I bought $34 dollars worth of shampoo, conditioner and lip balm. I’ve also been walking around everywhere, it’s crazy. My calf muscles are insane right now. The next few days are going to be busy busy busy; we’re going to Butchart Gardens tomorrow night, I’m making dinner Friday night, and then Christmas dinner on Saturday night – and that’s 1/3 of my break gone. Where does the time go! 


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