1. I am so, so unbearably sleepy right now I’m incredibly tempted to just crash on my air mattress in the study /fail. Partly, it’s – I just cooked two dishes for my host family & two of their extended families, and that was slightly nerve-wracking and also shoddily planned, but they had enough to eat and the food tasted good, so I’m not going to worry retrospectively. I made dumplings (proper ones! with dumpling skins and everything! and seasoned with sesame oil, soya sauce, ginger, with minced pork and overnight marinated chicken and dried shiitake mushrooms) and a fascimile of laksa, which they actually liked a lot, and I did, too, though it wasn’t very spicy. It was actually pretty lucky, how well it turned out, because the stock came out very flavorful, since I used water that the meat dumplings boiled in to cook the rest of the marinated chicken, and so it had body, ha. (I say that ironically.) It was pretty awesome; it made me aware of missing food and home, just a little.

I also, disastrously, managed to melt half a plastic cover cap because I left it by the glass-top stove right over the heating ring. It was pretty cool, actually – it bubbled and fizzed and then there was a minor furore, but it was solved easily enough: the plastic just peeled off as soon as it cooled. Go, plastic! 

2. My host parents’ general family just feels amazing so far, in their interactions and how they never lose patience with each other and how levelheaded and bubbly, though of course, my stranger’s rosy glasses are still on. They show me, firstly, that this is what a good relationship really is, and secondly, how important it is to have examples of such relationships around you so you can take notes and learn and adopt, subconsciously. They have amazing kids and their kids have amazing spouses as well.

3. I am also sleepy because I didn’t sleep very well last night; I went to bed past three, and then I got up at 8.30 AM this morning to skype  and then  joined – and it wasn’t a night of uninterrupted sleep either, so. (The entire situation is very ill-advised, I must say I AM BEING STUPID and somehow that’s not stopping me enough D<)

4. I just had a lovely Skype conversation with my family, and that’s – you know, if anything! I’m grateful for that emotion, the newfound capacity for it, I think.


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