small minds.

I have been so lazy the past few days that I feel the need to compulsively congratulate myself on every little accomplishment I made today:

1) saying thanks to my host parents for cleaning up after my breakfast (I’d meant to go back and do the dishes but they beat me to it)
2) doing two rounds of circuit training after dinner
3) not starting Season 3 of BBT
4) talking to Sam on MSN \o/
5) proofreading Demi’s uni application essays (they were very endearing and earnest and cute and good, I think, and it made me think very fondly of him)
6) brushing my teeth in the morning (Y LOOK AT ME I AM A SLOB)
7) making breakfast (a poached egg, an egg omelette with blackforest ham and mushrooms, butterfried mushrooms, a slice of toast, mango juice)
8) searched out French audiobooks, TV series and rock bands in a transparent attempt to pretend that I am continuing on my careful study of the French language
9) replied a modest number of emails

Am almost done with Hardy’s Jude the Obscure; have started on a book of Poe’s short stories. My host parents’ pantry is ridiculously well-stocked that I went into a sort of euphoric spasm upon rooting through it in a hunger-driven search for edibles, and I have just decided that I should take advantage of that and make food every single day. From scratch. Tomorrow I’m making curry with the leftover turkey.



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