there are moving elephants on my screen.

I was reminded me of this while cooking: I like how the low humidity and temperature means indoor pests (especially insects) are almost non-existent, and that means I can leave pear cores and opened bars of chocolate on my bedside table (and generally be sloppy and disgusting) without waking to a black flurry of ant activity the next morning. I miss white rice, though; I think part of why I’ve been constantly hungry these few days here is because my host family doesn’t eat a lot of carbs at all. I read somewhere that there isn’t really an ideal diet for everyone, and your lifestyle influences the way your stomach absorbs nutrients, so if you’re used to having a rice/carb-based diet, your body’s sense of ‘fullness’ is dependent on how much carbs you’ve had and not how much food in total. Or something like that.

(Also, fic constituted very much a significant part of my attentions this time last year; I was writing into the night around the Christmas and New Year period for the fic exchanges I was participating in, and now all that seems to be so far away. My fandoms have obviously shifted, and the new ones I find myself drawn to are too complicated for me to dabble in.)

I finished Hardy’s Jude the Obscure this morning, and it was an unexpectedly tragic, melancholic story, and its treatment of marriage was very, very modern for its time, I feel, which explains the controversy, but I didn’t realize how controversial, since the book’s statements on the issue will still be considered fairly radical today. I’m picking through (well, I’m in the middle of around ten books at the moment but today I continued) a collection of short stories by Poe, and I realized that I’ve read most of them before, especially his version of a modern detective story that I’d somehow had the impression of being written by Doyle instead. Still fascinating, though, and the richness of the language very engrossing.

Two more episodes till I’ve cleared my BBT backlog, and I must say, the only other series I’ve gotten through equivalently far without losing interest must be Supernatural, and even so, I couldn’t stay with that series (on that note, not that most of you really care, but god S6 feels so superfluous and ridiculous) but BBT hasn’t decreased in quality at all.

I’ve basically had one meal, since I got up ridiculously late, read, showered, and went downstairs at around 1 PM, and I made some kind of midday meal with overnight-marinated chicken, corned beef, udon, egg, mushrooms and miso paste; I had four chicken legs /o\ In my defense, I was only going to eat two for lunch and then I had to cook the other two because it’ll spoil otherwise, and then after they simmered in soy sauce for half an hour, they looked so golden and caramelized, almost, that I couldn’t bear to refrigerate them. I am determined to cook as much as possible before I go back on campus; now I have more chicken legs marinating (they were cheap; $2.57 for eight fairly large ones) in a honey BBQ sauce, so I will look forward to that.

Tomorrow I will go gallivanting! around the neighbourhood and take photos, promise (and make pancakes for breakfast! I wanted to do that this morning afternoon but I didn’t have all-purpose flour. If I feel ambitious enough, I might also make this.)


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