Posting takes up so much energy these days ):

1. My hair is currently braided six ways to Sunday right now, and then bunned up carelessly because I had to go grocery shopping and I didn’t want to look like Medusa. I did it so my hair will curl in a naturally casually mussed way, but then I have nowhere to go tomorrow so it’s a waste of effort ): I’m thinking about dreads (except the not-washing-my-hair part will kill me.) Also, highlights! But I don’t want to spend an excessive amount of money on it.


I decided, since I wasn’t getting my reading done properly and I wasted a few days watching shows and stuff, that I was going to make the most of the well-stocked pantry and the last few days of break, and make stuff that’ll be nearly impossible to make at Pearson. So I bought flour, and I made 板面 today, and I’m going to make blueberry pancakes for breakfast tomorrow, and then chocolate brownies from scratch! /chuffed.



This is srs bzns, k. The wooden board is old; it’s apparently my host mom’s grandmother’s; it amazes me how sturdy and well-used and well-maintained things from older generations are. Check out the lumps of dough.


You take a lump of dough, and then you roll it –


– into this!


And then it looks like this! It has to be really, really thin.


Then you fold it!


Then you slice it into (roughly) even pieces.


You unwind it, and viola!


Don’t they look cool :D (They tend to stick to each other unless you coat them with more flour, though.)





Fish and crabmeat!


The spread.


Om nom nom~


\o/! It’s supposed to be tom yam. I added this spicy Thai garlic paste; it was pretty good! The colour’s kind of tame because I cooked the egg into it too thoroughly.

ANYWAY, I made it for my host parents for dinner again tonight, using prawns and better fish, because they are People of Means (I aspire to their lifestyle, actually. They buy high-quality organic produce and local meat and pure juices and all that, and that has to be at least some benefit to it.)

3. Last night I had dinner with my second year at this Japanese sukiyaki (hotpot) restaurant downtown, and it was expensive and I had an awesome hamburger with my host parents before (the meat was like ground Grade A sirloin steak from pastured cows or something, and it was amazing) so I wasn’t ravenous and it was probably not worth it, but I consider the company and the occasion enough, I guess. I appreciated the dinner, and it was definitely entertaining listening to my 2nd year talk about the ~fun she had in Toronto, and she had some good experience-based advice, which is reassuring, but not as much as it could have been were we more alike in principle or thought or background.

I told her I thought I was subconsciously holding myself back somehow with people here, and I was letting the people I left behind overshadow the people I had here, Part of why I dread winter break ending so much is because I’m pretty sure I’ll be talking even less to you guys this year, because of stupid daylight savings and As and my predicted grade and having to invest myself here. Six months will pass really quickly, though, so !

Still, dressing up and walking out into the night was a welcome relief. The problem with me, as always, is inertia. Once I’m out, I love being out in the cold and the air, but getting out takes a lot of convincing.

I still really, really want sushi/sashimi, but I feel like that dinner was expensive enough that I’m not really justified in going anywhere else again, especially alone.

4. These are the marshmallows I’ve been munching on continuously. They are colourful.


I’m eating them right now I’m not even hungry, oh god.

5. Okay, so I have photos from my walk around on the Last Day of Sun (it’s all gray and hushed and drizzly now) but I’m too tired to post them, so this ends here.

6. OH NO I must talk about this French movie I’m watching to pretend like I did some French over the break. It’s called A Belle Personne and it’s about this girl who transferred to another high school after her dad died, and she is dating this really shy, sweet guy called Otto (!) and then she falls in love with the Italian professor (who looks implausibly young and whom I mistook for a student and is himself involved in two relationships with a student and another teacher) and I’m not done it – I’m ~savouring it – but right now, she’s avoiding him so she doesn’t fall in love with him. There’s also a sincere subplot about a gay couple, and did I mention how everyone is so pretty and French and also, I appreciate the way French films portray sex, really. It’s more erotica than porn, more romance than smut, and beats Hollywood’s skanky ass hands down \o/



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