SO the sun came out for a merciful hour or two today, and the whole mood on campus has changed ridiculously. Psychological effects of sun ! Had an ironic talk about the inability to connect with people on campus with someone on campus today, in the sun, on the caf deck. Sometimes I wonder what you guys think when I talk about Pearson. Did the photos I posted right at the beginning help? Are there images you see – when I talk about places and people do you know what they look like? I have not been online much ):

First One World rehearsal today, or more of an adminstrative briefing, and it is promising to take up the entire of my Sunday afternoon, time I’d previously allocated to some much-neglected work and briefly, an internal struggle re: biking to Langford (because I missed the church bus by five minutes today, which also means STARVATION in the week ahead) that ended with the disappearance of the sun – but that’s fine, I suppose. Today was a good day to sign up for One World dances, because I didn’t feel like signing up for any during the auditions stage, but I knew I’d have regretted not being involved in them when One World draws closer, though rehearsals will probably eat up long evenings right now. STILL good opportunity to practise time management, isn’t it. I am mastering the art of optimism.

There’s a bunch of people doing a vigorous Ukrainian dance and it looks energetic and very exciting.

I slept for around 22 hours over the weekend, somewhere like 16 on Sat and 6 this morning, and I think my wooziness has mercifully left, though my cough is worsening. I promised Garth to go kayaking tomorrow afternoon, which is tragic because – I am a lazy person who needs to get her life back in order ):

My body is aching pleasantly because I spent two hours last night giving massages to people as part of my house’s Saturday night Common Room event~ It was pretty epic and fun (also photos on FB) though my knees and back and shoulders started hurting towards the end. There were cookies! I also barely ate over the weekend which was (partially) why I was up at 4 AM preheating sweet and sour pork to munch on this morning. There’s something wildly exhilarating about having the freedom to get up in the wee hours of the night and cook yourself food.

My last dance meeting is at 4 PM and then loserishly I think I’m going to head back to bed, so I will be up all night working – which doesn’t really make sense for my week’s schedule, but. I guess – when I am not in the midst of hormonal-induced (or whatever excuse I choose to use) depression, I understand that part of the pain of growing up is learning how to be alone (and not lonely), how to be happy with yourself and only yourself, just yourself. Reading What The Buddha Never Taught and Walden and How The Mind Works all at the same time gives you a contradictory and yet holistic perspective on – existence? your presence here all at the same time. (When I forget all the static I know what I want – and then I worry that I don’t want enough, that I don’t have enough motivation.) I am not reading enough.


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