i’m sleepy ):

and I don’t even really know why! Just splurged on ice-cream, Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownies, the first time I’ve had B&J in at least a year, I think (I don’t usually do ice-cream !) Food has been really expensive this week, though it’s a lot misleading because I bought food for the week. I just realized I should make use of the hostel’s kitchen and the three supermarkets within two streets to make (and bake!) food I normally wouldn’t get the chance to in the sorry excuse of a kitchen in MCL (my house in the college? in case you didn’t know). (But spending ! Have readjusted my budget to just not going over $400, the official school limit for Project Week, which, if you think about it, is really a ridiculous amount of money to spend in a week.)

I’m working with an organic farm group thing. Today we dug up earth in a greenhouse and transplanted broad bean seedlings out for three hours. Then we went to the Intercultural Association and helped for another three hours. I had fun with people – I was solemn and muted last night but I met people today and it was good; I was open. People aren’t so bad –  I don’t know what changed with me :l Still, glad for it. Today as we were talking to the youths at ICA they were amazed and thrilled at the idea of Pearson, and that sounded like me before and it reminded me of how awesome Pearson is, when you’re not already in it steeped in familiarity. Also – we were talking to a girl from China, and the three of us oriental Asians (HK, Japan and Singapore) somehow got along extremely well. I felt oddly friendly with her after two hours, and we exchanged emails and all. In a way today made me realize how awesome the people I knew in Pearson were, because cooped up in the college it’s difficult to stand out, and inevitably you categorize and dismiss people. But outside not everyone is this accepting or tolerant or informed, and I felt like we were really a dynamic bunch today. The hostel seems interesting – I can get used to people talking to you in the kitchen, not overly interested or exuberant, just a couple of casual, no-pressure comments. Someone here is reading The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera in French – I should give people more credit.

I have gotten this sudden craving for garlic. I made soya sauce udon with chicken and mushroom and both the soya sauce and garlic were amazing, and today I had garlic mushrooms as well. I bought a lovely bottle of garlic and pepper and it smells absolutely amazing. Also, soya sauce. I’m really, really full at the moment. Mmhm. I miss – you guys know who I miss. It’s not even angsty or intense – my mind merely goes to him in empty moments, an unassuming preoccupation. This isn’t how I’m used to miss people, you know,or at least not people like that. (I miss you guys too. But that goes without saying.)

This week, I hope it is good. Might sleep now, which would be really early. It’s 11.31 PM.


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