let’s see if i finish this, shall i

Modestly taking the tack of bullet points:

1. In Bio class right now, we are watching The Future of Food, a fascinating indictment of genetically-modified crops, and I know that’s a tired topic for us, but the documentary shed new light on the exact technology (splicing segments of DNA from viruses and antibiotic-resistant bacteria) behind it, which was something I somehow had no recollection of in spite of all the research we’ve done on it, as well as one of the biggest MNCs in that industry, Monsanto, and their shady, unethical practices in pressuring small-scale, family farmers in the US. I remember being ambivalent towards the issue a few years ago, and I thought that the EU’s ban on it excessive, but now my mind has been changed, I suppose? I knew all along about the existence of negative side effects (‘super weeds’ etc. etc.) but somehow the gravity of the consequences was never impressed upon me. I’m still ambivalent about the idea of genetic modification, but the practical implications as well as the actions of Monsanto do concern me.

It makes me wonder about the cultural attitudes towards GMOs is biased in school. Whaling, too – I can’t remember if I have talked about it (probably not, considering how I haven’t posted in a while and when I have, it’s been dominated by a single subject), but a couple of weeks ago, we had the 2nd year Japanese give a student international affairs presentation on "a defence of Japanese whaling", and he made several excellent points in favour of it, one of which was simply that the burden of argument should be on the opponents of Japanese whaling, and not the proponents of it, because Japanese whaling (according to his statistics) is not excessive, do not target endangered or threatened whales species and hence is not permanently ecologically damaging. As such, since Japanese whaling is an integral and historical aspect of Japanese culture, they should not be in a defensive position by default, which is what I think the prevailing climate is, at least in Singapore, where it is more or less associated with shark finning. Assumption-challenging! That’s good.

(So class is ending in three minutes, technically.) 

2. It is Easter weekend, and I will be spending Friday-Sunday at someone’s house up in Nanaimo (another city on the island)! It should be exciting, though I am reluctant to leave the currently sunny Pearson weather; I have broken out my summery dresses, to mingled disbelief and exasperation on the part of my peers. I also have a significant amount of work over Easter break, a TOK essay draft technically due today which I have to edit ruthlessly, a history essay due Tuesday, and then studying for exams in three weeks, which I really, really must take seriously.

3. This is calming, even though I’ve barely scratched the surface of the past month.

4. The sun is completely, utterly distracting. I think I am letting myself go a little, getting drunk on tiny, frivolous sips of liberation and spring. (This love affair with the sun is something I never realized I have. Today in the break between my second and my third block, I found myself with this urge of working in the sun and so I set of looking for a spot with both sunshine and a power point, walking down to the docks and up to the philosophy classroom and the front of Calgary House, to no avail. I also, while doing this, missed History class. Earlier on, after classes, my roommate and I laid out blankets onto the warm grass and chatted sleepily for a while. On days like this, I really want to go sailing or biking or just anywhere that would involve my skin toasting lightly.

Taking a nap now in F’s bed before dinner, because I have finished editing my second TOK essay draft, and I, having been irrationally ravenous recently, am waiting for dinner in half an hour. It promises to be good today, salmon and buttered, crunchy bread. I get these fluctuating cycles of hunger.

5. Oh god guys I am reading through my old LJ posts from the beginning of this year and beyond the customary oh my god I sounded like a retard I am also more than a little chagrined at how early the fascination with F began (first inkling: Sep 16), and as much as I know it wasn’t a hopeless, continuous affair, it still embarrasses me somewhat, and I would love to ask what happened at the beginning with him, what it felt like on his side, and I suppose if you consider the time we could have had and the time we do, the difference is staggering, but of course one never knows. (He would laugh, I guess, if I tell him. I wish we had more time to talk – there’re always competing demands on his time, and I am helpless with this awareness of what the end of May heralds, and IB exams, but.) 7. I should really be editing my TOK essay right now. I don’t like how personal and un-academic it is supposed to be, but I am trying (and also exceeding the word limit, but this is par for the course and only the official first draft.)

8. IT IS DONE. I am so, so stuffed from dinner. I should really start on my history essay pronto.

9. I need plans for the summer ): If you guys have heard of good volunteering opportunities that are semi-long-term and meaningful, let me know! I also actually want to set up a kind of public blog about my second year at Pearson, to be honest. Kind of a journalistic venture.

10. Just for the record, a list of mini-events that’s passed in the previous month: 
– Project: Respect workshop (on sexuality and gender identity, interesting in theory and open in nature and scope, but I found the discussion topics – oh, gender roles! double standards! MALE OPPRESSION OF WOMEN – really tired and trite.

– awesome English class at one point where our teacher didn’t show up and someone organized us into discussing the poem and we had this amazing discussion about it, completely student-led and we built upon each other and we had an actual discussion unmoderated by paraphrasing and commentary. It was inspiring.

– Pangea, which is like a world day where we have an informal concert with dance and skit items, and some of the first year Asians did … K-pop! Very fail-y, but. We danced to Bo-peep, Girls’ Generation’s cover of Gee and Nobody (classic~) and it was super epic and I felt incredibly ridiculous but also thrilled, though I couldn’t look F in the eye after that.

– I wrote down terrible math class at some point, but that’s not rare and I don’t remember the specifics so we can move on.

– Nuit Blanche was a novel, liberating experience, though enjoyable more for novelty and fun than for organizational excellence. It’s this nighttime arts festival thing, and we had a two-hour long film and skit festival (there was this brilliant, trippy short film which was ‘directed by [the group’s] subconscious’), followed by a quick celebration of the Festival of Colours, celebrated on the Indian subcontinent where people threw flour at everyone. Then a few people did some awesome fire tricks, swinging around a jumprope set alight and waving fiery chains over people lying on the floor. There was also an epic cake baking competition, and the cakes were extremely elaborate and professional (some were in the shape of Mr. Men and others had three layers and then the rest was frosted and assembled painstakingly. I ended off with an intense, violent Pokemon fight. It was pretty exciting !! I wish I had photos to show you guys.

– For the last official session of the Priory, we had a mini-concert where everyone did a little something – I played two piano pieces impromptu, and it went passably well, I suppose (minimal performance anxiety).

11. I am two-and-a-half hours behind schedule to work on my history essay. I resolve to spend my weekend doing math and taking photos, and worry about my history essay when I get back on Sunday night.


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