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summer months

Everyday I get this urge to post and every time I click post, I hit a blank.

It’s not that I don’t have things to say, or that I don’t want to record what I’ve been doing, or that what I’ve been doing have been boring. It’s just the pressure of having to put everything down that gets to me, and I anticipate exhaustion at the end of it. But the conundrum is that I know I’ll regret it if I just let everything slip away, just like how I thought it’ll be incredibly cheesy to write down every little moment that happened with F and I, so I just left it as a heart in my planner (yes, because that isn’t cheesy at all, Karen) and now it’s incredibly frustrating because I see all those hearts and I can’t pinpoint each one specifically to a memory; they’re all like shuffled cards.

– OK now I’m watching HIMYM so I can totally multi-task. And point-form my post. To reduce pressure.

1) So my to-do list for my summer break is ridiculously long, though my progress has not been unsteady. I have 80 hours of summer service to work on, and I’ve done 56.5 hours of it and arranged the rest of the 13.5 hours, and it hasn’t been as tedious as you’d expect – in fact, it’s been a great exposure to different aspects of (and angles to) Singapore that I don’t think I would have otherwise seen.

Now I just need to research, outline, draft and write my EE before August. And I should really send an outline and my research notes (and make my research notes) to my supervisor before the end of this week; he’ll be deathly worried (and more than a little annoyed) by now, and I’m kind of worried too because I have yet to firm up my question.

Then I have to look at university applications and start my personal statement, register for SAT II, and possibly assemble my resume.

Then I should also do some residual/prep work for next year.

And then I need to meet up with everyone I want to. And then the consistent achievement of my personal goals, like exercise and eat right and study French.

2) Meanwhile, my summer service has been fairly interesting! I’ve ushered for the Singapore Art Museum, help paint murals at a void deck in MacPherson, tested electrical devices for The Salvation Army, help with stage managing a short play for primary schools for The Necessary Stage, and helped with an art installation at *Scape!

I signed up for this ground-up planting initiative at Bottletree Park this Saturday, emailed about station-mastering for a race for an anti-smoking campaign targeted at youths under People’s Association and will probably sign up for a couple more mural painting (organized by this social arts company, Social Creatives). A lot of the ad hoc ones are through the website, SG Cares, which is really helpful in linking up organizations and volunteers.

I’ve met a couple of interesting people too! I forgot how often you see foreigners in Singapore (especially compared to Beijing); also, the kind of people you meet at voluntary volunteer events (i.e. not school-based/organized) is a little telling.

I also liked that all these things took me to more parts of Singapore than I would normally have been inclined to go to, and again, it’s like seeing Singapore through tourist-y eyes, though now that description feels less pejorative. But I’m starting to lose that sense of novelty and interest, already; it’s been a little more than three weeks.

It scares me how short my attention span is, though – I get bored of things fairly quickly, though I guess it’s different when it’s not a personal project, and you don’t have that sense of ownership to carry yourself through it. Stage managing for TNS reminded me so much of LD :l

3) I’ve been meeting up with a fair bit of people too (: That’s been amazing, and there’s only more to come, but I really need to find a balance between all the play and the work, because August is going to be pure indulgence, and again, it’s the productive anticipation, I hope. This month better justify the next.

I’ve been really good about my no-junk diet (relatively speaking – my definition of junk is narrower than the conventional) but I’ve had some amazing food recently, too :D

4) I want to get my hair cut shoulder-length, but I know I’ll regret it after.

5) I miss him, but then that’s expected, isn’t it.

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