I HAVE HIT A RUT IN TERMS OF BODY IMAGE ISSUES (by extension, my exercise schedule), EXTENDED ESSAY AND SLEEP CYCLES. Also, in a vicious cycle, my stress level is sky high, and rising with each continuous day of absolute failure to accomplish my goals, short or long-term.

THIS IS A FAMILIAR THING but it’s still scary everytime I go through it because part and parcel of it is the extremely convincing feeling that you’ll never dig your way out. Also, as much as I can’t stand people sometimes, not being around people leaves me intellectually unstimulated – apparently, sometimes I have to be forced to get out before I realize I actually enjoy it – and it depresses me :l

On a less morose note, I bought a dress today! For 8 bucks. It’s quite pretty, but my mom was totally raining on my parade by saying it was an ‘old woman colour’. I don’t know what that means :P

It’s also frustrating – meh. Same old? My head is a terrible place to be in.


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