I only have two weeks of summer break left in Singapore? 

Wow. That’s – I should really go sleep even though I took a two-hour nap after dinner, but interval training really gets to you, in the most awesome way possible. I was on an endorphin high for three hours after (hence sleepless), bones loose and sated, and the next morning, I could feel my metabolism revving and then I was hungry the whole day! I love being ravenously hungry for a good reason. I am so back on this exercise thing. I just need to try not to kill my joints.

I enjoy being – so much of my life’s invested in RJ and the people there that I can’t fathom how I was able to contemplate leaving it all behind last year, and even now, being reminded again of the familiar security of being in school, and the emotional attachment I have to all the people there, I don’t understand why the prospect of my effective departure two weeks hence doesn’t cause me more grief, all the more so because I expect that when I return next year, the – absorbing coherence of RJ and my social circles would be gone, for good this time. Meanwhile (and also regardless), you guys are all this: ♥ ♥ ♥

My ideas about universities are coalescing gradually, in casual thoughts and little revelations that come in the space of a step. I don’t think a small lib arts college will do it for me, to be honest. Also, today I made more progress on my EE than the past week and a half of posturing and frustration. I have also been reminded of my intense … let’s call it admiration and embarrassingly undisguised hero worship for Rolly. One tutorial and – everything that I found lacking in history class the past year, it’s thrilling, almost, to be reminded that analyzing sources can be exciting !!

(Don’t judge me.)


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