It is November.

For the past two or so weeks, I have found myself in the strangest possible situation, that of an inexplicably, simple happiness that pervades my days.

I don't know how to explain it – I have built some semblance of a comfort zone, peopled it with more than a few friends I genuinely like (some perhaps more than I should, but never mind. I'm still sober.) and am investing in a few projects (daily gym, German, reading, weekly … cookery). The prospect of hard work, productive leisure time and the quality company of a few isn't a very troubling one, I don't think.

The only drawback is that work is impossible when I am too euphoric, but I'm finding ways to counter that. Unhappiness is only a last resort!

But it is approaching mid-November, and the weather is still startlingly lovely at times, though night falls too thick and fast most evenings.

Also, a newfound … ideological purpose? I need to mull over this, but I am finding causes to get riled up over. Also adopting a more Zen outlook on life, or at least acquiescing to its exhortation of equanimity, which explains the lack of narrative detail, because right now I'm mostly soaking up the peace.

In any case, kayaking this afternoon, and then work (perhaps math and french), and an early night.

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