I am currently operating on approximately 1.5 hours of sleep early this morning, out of a week of probably an average of five hours of sleep per day, because of feverish last-minute exam cramming. Then yesterday night … well, this is a long story. But today is the first day of winter break, and I left the campus on the 9 am bus to downtown, after going to bed at around 6.30 am.

My LJ has been so, so neglected for so long and not even a fraction of everything that has happened the past whirlwind four months has been recorded, I think, and I'm going to regret that even a few months from now when I realized I no longer have a firsthand account of the first term of my second year at Pearson. But – but!

I am way too tired to post anything substantial right now, but two things: I am so, so happy as a mode of thinking currently, and have been since my UK trip, and also, my dream of UST dominating my life is rapidly coming true !

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