mmhm bacon

Right now, I am finding the WordPress interface jarringly unfamiliar, enough that posting seems odd.

But perhaps it is time for a change! Past time, actually.

Since it is winter break, I have been having a lot of free time; the night before, I went to bed at 6 am and woke up at 5 pm, hence doing yet another one of those things you’re not supposed to do with host families: sleep late and wake up even later, in addition to the whole, no-staying-over-at-host-families-at-the-last-minute thing. But today I remedied that by getting up at 8 am and … making pasta. I’ve been eating so much bacon the past few days, and it reminded me of how much I love bacon, primarily.

Something I tried to do with that free time was organize my Facebook to actually reflect my personal interests/social groups, and after half an hour of trying to decide on my Close Friends list, I gave up. How is one to know? There are people I haven’t spoken to in a year but whom I used to trust and who hasn’t given me reasons to lose that yet, people I am acquainted with and would love to talk you but just haven’t, people I don’t know at all but who are friends with all my friends and thus who will conceivably be friends with me if we met up at some point … and what about the current visible group of friends, especially in Pearson, where anything about everyone is inevitably passing news.

Administratively, I still have to decide how I am going to bridge the gap between my two worlds of friends :l I suppose that is all going to change fairly soon, anyway, since Raffles has ended for my batch, and soon Pearson will, and we’re going to have to get used to not sharing worlds with people, and for me, posting in the public eye. I’m used to narratives and – not so much honesty as frankness, and I also don’t have the patience, necessarily, to craft my posts ‘for publication’. I want to sort out my thoughts, and I want to keep details here to look back at and read, and also to keep people updated, and usually that means my posts are pretty narrow and banal. I suppose WordPress’ per-post-password option thing will prove incredibly useful!

But mostly – I’m glad. It’s not 2012 yet but so many things have happened that this move is perhaps overdue and I have time now to work out all the html of … clicking Import on my WordPress dashboard. Yes. I guess I’ll do a retrospective reflection on the year sometime closer to the end, after Christmas – though it must be said that I really like where I am right now, and with whom, I suppose.

(I wonder how hearts work. <3?)

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