2012, here I come.

It was an unremarkable start to 2012; we were a little disappointed by the absence of fireworks and a proper countdown at the inner harbour of Victoria, though some (drunk) people did try to set off flares, which only increased the letdown by soaring up like fireworks and then merely reversing direction to fall ignominiously into the sea with nary a spark.

It was undemanding, in any case. We walked around downtown for an hour, soaking in the moderately exciting atmosphere, the people yelling at each other across the shivery air. I saw a man peeing into a tree, a couple fighting before the girl stalked away and slammed into a cab, two drunk guys hitting on two girls. Also, three guys in kilts … oh wait, no, those were my friends, unfortunately. The group of us found each other on the path in front of the Empress, and frolicked about for an hour, before a few of us caught the free bus home and had a few small celebrations ourselves.

There was a feast tonight at another host family’s place in Oak Bay; the food was brilliant, and the company very lively and enjoyable. The host dad with whom I will be staying with tomorrow played the piano amazingly by ear, and we had a little impromptu sing-along session that was very endearing.

The lack of ceremony about the arrival of the new year leaves me wondering, I confess. My plans for the first night of 2012: go to the gym, reply a few emails, chop off the dyed, dying ends of my hair. I’ll miss it terribly, but – it’s time for a change, and it’ll grow back, besides. I’ll think about 2011 and all that jazz tomorrow.


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