one track mind

In spite of the wreckage that was my family’s visit, two good things came out of it, both (naturally) food-related: I had the best roast duck and best salad (or well, tied for first) of my life, both in the US. The roast duck was from this Chinese restaurant ranked in the top 500 in the US, apparently, and it was simply the most amazing thing ever. It beats out any kind of poultry I’ve ever had in my life, I think, in terms of skill and tenderness and delicious, delicious flavour. I must have devoured half of it on my own, I’m not even joking. It was succulent and juicy and intense and rich, and I wanted to inhale it all. I’d return to Salem, Portland, just for that duck.

The salad – mmhm, I’ve been eating so much salad the past few days, and that’s all due to a spinach salad I had in Yankees Grill at Holiday Inn Renton in Seattle. It might be a bit of a cop-out, I guess, but it had all of my favourite things in a salad and none of the icky things I don’t like, like vegetables in general, you know. It was spinach (the one salad green I realized I actually like), one boiled egg sliced up all fancy, tomatoes, bacon bits, and cheddar in a, get this, bacon vinaigrette sauce. Bacon dressing, okay. The whole meal tasted like bacon. It was sublime. It was the best salad of my life (along with this other tomato-mozzarella one with olive oil and balsamic vinegar in Austria) and now I’ve realized I like that combination even sans the bacon dressing. Any fruit-based vinaigrette dressing does it for me.

I have so many guilty pleasures when it comes to food, it’s quite incredibly. Grocery shopping is such a thrill for me ahaha! Things that inevitably catch my eye:

fruit-flavoured mini marshmallows
fresh cuts of meat
those nifty little kitchen gadgets
the bakery section

I tend to linger so long in each supermarket aisle and feel this inexplicable compulsion to touch random products that I really pity my companions. Everyone who have ever gone supermarketing with me have gotten exasperated at some point, I believe.

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