day one of seven

This apartment is amazing. I’m in Vancouver, a five-minute walk from Olympic Village Skytrain station, with a direct view of downtown, Starbucks down the road, shopping complexes two blocks down. It’s a lovely studio apartment in a World War I-era brick apartment building but renovated and furnished with stainless steel kitchen counters and all modern appliances. The bathroom has a tub with a table extension dotted with candle holders and is a third the size of the apartment (!) it is also gleaming and white and painfully clean. There is a sleekly post-modern clock, and pull-out couches, and a giant flatscreen TV. There is a king-size bed with curtains shading it from view, and, gratefully, lots and lots of storage space.

And the kitchen !! I nearly wept tears of joy when I found wax paper tucked in a drawer. There are so many storage containers, and spices, and the basic necessities that every kitchen should have. A blender. An oven. A functional fridge. I spent three hours slaving over a beef stew (browning all the pieces took inordinately long) but I should have left it cooking for a couple more hours to get it tender. The sauces was great, though, and amazing with French bread. This morning I had a tall mocha frappe with a shot of expresso – officially my drink from now on. The journey was surprisingly pleasant with company, though the weather was a little uncooperative, what with the sudden chill and the moodiness. I also baked chocolate-chip-oreo-brownies-with-sprinkles, but the brownies needed a longer baking time so the chocolate-chip base overcooked a little crisply. But it was great – cooking was so therapeutic, especially with everything I needed on hand, and I even relished the washing up, especially when the kitchen itself is so organized and pleasing to the eye.

And I like the people I’m with, too, you know. Tonight washing the dishes I was struck by the thought that I wouldn’t be anywhere else but here. That’s something, isn’t it? I have exciting plans for this week, mostly involving food, but – I needed this break from college, which is just bringing me down and down and down, relentless, but I think I’ve given up on it at this point. Three more months and then I’ll be gone, and I don’t know if this is fatigue talking or frustration or exhaustion or sulkiness or pettiness, but I don’t think I’ll be coming back (?) Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind, as always – but it’s been a year and a half of the same old, and I find myself going back to the same questions again and again; I am happier now, but nothing fundamentally has been resolved.

I forgot to say, this apartment would make a lovely university apartment, if I rented it with someone. Someone. :D? Well, goodnight now. Pancakes and bacon and blueberry-oreo-yogurt-smoothie + espresso shot tomorrow morning.


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