ohne dich?

Title from a playlist I’m listening to, and I just Wiki-ed it on a whim, and the music video plot for the song is uncomfortably dark and tragic.

The phrase that’s been running through my mind since yesterday (after the spectacular Village Meeting) is something I’ve heard multiple times a while ago but have forgotten:the good is the enemy of the great.I think I have always been drawn towards greatness, achievement, intensity. I’m not exactly a big fan of work-life balance. I think I want something to be consumed by. At the same time, it is difficult for me to reconcile all the mental images I have of life, and ways of living, and philosophies, and as always, I am woefully indecisive when confronted with choices.

In a way, I think if I had more courage, I would gladly accept the role of in-house dissident. I remember pondering our futures with two of my closest intellectual companions at sixteen, and we decided on one of them assuming high positions in the civil service, the other going into private practice and me becoming one of those opposition writers/political theorist that routinely criticises public policy from the distant perch of academia. Or something like that. Clearly within the Singaporean context, of course, but there is some element of truth in that, and the types of people who are suitable for all these roles. Sometimes people are needed simply to voice dissent, to be the gadfly of society, but the kernel of me that shuns confrontation makes that a bit of a struggle, emotionally, though, of course, intellectually, there is no lack of opinion.

If all the negatives of a place have elicited positive growth in opposition, does that make a place positive, on the whole?



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