find me
free me from pale dry days
of drab restraint
-imperatives, marilyn buck

Isn’t that lovely? Generally not a big fan of frill but this is exquisite. Dressed up a little today for the college dinner with the board, but it was a little underwhelming. Nice to get up and take a shower and dress well, in any case. Took to bed today with some ibuprofen for my wisdom tooth, which I suspect has picked this period to erupt. Trite as it sounds, it was great to wake up without that mild throb, and turns out the ibuprofen is acting on my cramps too, which would make this the most painfree period I’ve had in a while, too \o/

Six more weeks till the end. I’m sorry the kayaking trip got cancelledagain, but it couldn’t be helped. Now my summer seems yawningly open, again. No word on jobs yet, but I suppose I haven’t exactly made much of a concerted effort. Travel around Canada with one of my favourite people seems likely, as is the possibility of a few weeks in China/Japan (less likely).

Art is important to me. It recently struck me how few sides people see of me here, but why should I suppose I see any more in other people?

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