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and at once i knew i was not magnificent

It has been a very lazy morning, purposefully so. Vancouver fails to inspire me – it’s odd how I’m really not a big fan of cities, but only when they become vacation spots, so maybe it is understandable – but it’s still been … novel!  Walked all around Granville Island and parts of downtown to the Waterfront. The market at Granville was a little disappointing, but understandably so since it’s not summer/fruit/food season, but I bought some salmon candy, my Moleskine planner and a cheap notebook, and $20 worth of gourmet salt. The last really excited me; I have hibiscus salt, charcoal salt, Merlot salt, green tea salt, and … a last one I can’t remember and am too lazy to get off my bed to find. They look wonderful. How does one become a spice trader/salt maker? The guy’s from Montreal, very friendly, speaks extraordinarily clear French. He originally came to Vancouver to start a restaurant but 20 years ago, everyone here was apparently a Philistine with no appreciation for artisan breads and gourmet food, so his restaurant failed and he got into the spice business, which has been … very hot since, ha. I spent an inordinate amount of time at the swings, and I told B that I actually didn’t feel like I’ll return to Singapore, anymore. I feel like it’s a place lovely through nostalgia’s lenses, but some things are better to have and some things are better to miss. As much as I chafe at Canada’s matter-of-fact luxuries and the environmental enlightenment and the placidity both of that engender and reflect, it must be a good starting point, eh? Told G too, while we were talking about universities, that I feel Singapore would be a place I’ll keep coming back to, but not a place to stay in. Who knows, though? I remember telling my teacher before I left, emphatically, that I’ll come back; he was so sure I wouldn’t.

You don’t get job openings like that in Singapore. We went to the Richmond Chinatown Night Market last night too, which was a little underwhelming but still fun, and the food was … endearing, I suppose. I got an excellent Japanese crepe with bananas, strawberries, Nutella and green tea ice-cream, and six curry fishballs, and six takoyaki (savory Japanese flour-balls filled with scallop, shrimp, or squid) balls, the last of which I’d forgotten I missed! It was fairly crowded, though not at Asian levels at all. We left after an hour, though – the food didn’t look too authentic, and in any case, B’s come from the most genuine Chinatown outside of China, and I’ll be returning in a week. It was like being back home, though – mostly Chinese people, a few Indians, a few white people. Very odd. The night before, we went to Metrotown and walked around, mostly to go to T&T for BBQ pork and then we surreptitiously slipped into Qoola just as they were closing to grab frozen yogurt. This morning has been a little useless, but we’re going to Stanley Park to bike and watch the sunset at 9 pm, so there’s that, and we plan to go to the Capilano Suspension Bridge and do the Grouse Grind tomorrow!! Nature’s Stairmaster, lol. That must be fun: 3 km of steep incline trekking.

The weather’s been horrid the past few days. Have been searching the job forums online – Amusement Ride operator sounds intriguing, as does Food Packing, or Steamboat Food Assistant. I’m hoping to learn some discipline from these jobs, but I have the feeling that discipline is something employers want you to have before you apply.


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