The most pressi…

The most pressing thought in my mind right now: I can’t breathe through my nose. I can barely breathe, holy shit. Then again, I spent the last four days on the verge of sickness blatantly ignoring my impending cold and going out everyday.

I should go to bed really, really soon. Work starts tomorrow – I accepted the internship with the non-profit organization, because it sounds dynamic and awesome and interesting and meaningful, but it also means I work five, six days a week until late-Aug for $300 a month. Their work is fascinating, though. I’m just not sure how to fit in family time, because the hours are a bit strange right now. 3-9pm. Still, leaving in September … I can’t decide if I like France or Germany more.

I didn’t acquit myself very well at the informal interview, though. It was too casual – I didn’t consciously present myself well. Things to work on, things to work on. I’m too sick to go into more things ): But I’ve had multiple good conversations today, very intellectually engaging. Listening to a German audiobook.

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