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NeilPryde Windsurfing 2010 Collection

This is the skill level I imagine I would approach after my beginner’s windsurfing course this Sunday.


Aiming to keep this short.

After two lingering days of gorgeous ennui, today’s Handover meeting (in which at least a third of the company manager’s duties got passed down to me) re-invigorated me with the scary prospect of A Lot of Work over the next three weeks. Learning important things. Getting to interact with people as colleagues and co-workers, who don’t have to – and probably shouldn’t – be elevated into the private realm of friendship. Arranged rendezvous with a multitude of people. Found an Oxfordian paragon of intellect at whose altar/feet I can creepily worship. Aforementioned windsurfing course. Been waking up early to run, been falling asleep to alternately, French and German audio books. Read interesting articles about copy-blogging and copy-editing. Trying to stretch every night. Counting down the days to next Saturday.

Still searching. But the clamouring inside has subsided somewhat. Things are foolishly easier if I pretend I’m a tourist, let loose on this island for three hot summer months.

I’ll get a camera soon and then there will … photos.

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