little mercies

(I mentally started this list on Tuesday, I think, and accumulated.)

Things that I am grateful for:

1. Not having to teach the first block / having my first class of the day at 11.05 am.
2. Being able to say bye to two lovely girls as they head to the US of A for new adventures.
3. Having a free day today and next Monday because of an Assessment day and a public holiday, respectively.
4. A week of interesting conversations and catching up and cheerful dinners (valiant attempt at alliterating with ‘c’) this week.
5. Afternoon rain today so I can guiltlessly postpone my windsurfing excursion (to the very ill-located East Coast Park) to Saturday
6. Having a room of my own (ha) for the next two weeks until my parents return.
7. For being able to walk through two deserted streets at nearly midnight and marvel at the silent beauty of solitude and the illicit danger of standing in the middle of the road
8. Getting a seat on the MRT home last night when I was so full I could barely stay awake

Dinner last night was indulgently, decadently sublime. We ate enough that I can’t have chocolate for another two days, and enough that we had to walk it off before we went home, and I wanted to visit the National Geographic shop but the first thing we saw was its display case of cupcakes (don’t ask me how it was relevant) and I had to turn right back out because just the sight of more food alone nauseated me.Image

I was under the clearly erroneous impression that the shared tasting platter will be … a taster.


The Alice cup! This mocha frappé is undoubtedly the best I have ever tasted. This is what you would get if chocolate and coffee had babies. Image

The OMG chocolate cookie!

Have photos of the best cheesecake I have had in my life and the best lime cupcake icing I have ever tasted, but they are on my other laptop. Yes, I am typing this on my new Macbook Pro – purportedly a gift from my dad’s friend, but to be honest, I have my suspicions about its origins. No matter! I need to get a keyboard condom for it, though; at the moment, I am scrupulously and obsessively washing my hands every hour. My keyboard already feels greased up ):

I have just over 200 scripts to mark over this weekend – I am not sure if I am giving out more work than relief teachers usually do, because I make them write assignments out in class with a time limit. Still have yet to confirm the end-date of my job assignment, but I will pester subtly indicate my desire to know to the department head tomorrow. Only two periods tomorrow with the same class, thank god, and then the weekend.

In conversation with one of my co-years earlier, I was reminded that I have two more weeks of being 18. My mom offered to take me to a bar/pub the night of my nineteenth, and I, long-sufferingly, rolled my eyes at all. We had a strangely liberal conversation about alcohol consumption the other day, and then about prenups. But I have decided I want to go to a Brazilian Churrascaria restaurant for dinner, though! Carnivore, at Vivo. I’ve had my eye set on that place at CHIJMES since forever. Looks amazing.

As ridiculous as it sounds, I am hit by fears of growing old … into adulthood. It constantly strikes me that it is so much easier to do crazy, impossible things when you are young, because you aren’t expected to accomplish them, and so failure is acceptable, even honorable, because it represents courage, brave attempts, effort. Exiting the penultimate year of my teenagehood (particularly against the backdrop of youths younger than I am standing triumphantly on the Olympic podium ! ), a sense of urgency grips me. I think I am currently drawn to people who are out there doing things, whatever they may be. If you are young, you are forgiven for not having an illustrious history, because you aren’t supposed to have a history anyway.

But 19 is still so young, isn’t it?

Articles that made me incredibly envious: the perfect August evening and more adventures from the same couple.

Six more weeks aren’t that long, really. British A level results are being released today, so I expect my freshers’ pack and my buddy email and all of those assorted things to arrive … relatively soon (:

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