food and adventures and impulse buys

Today marks the first time I’ve been to Mustafa!

For the uninitiated, Mustafa is this giant departmental store-esque … complex in Little India (so named for the predominantly, or shall we say, overwhelmingly, Indian population there – innocently crossing the road with my friends linking arms, a speeding car nearly ran into us because that idiot was driving far too fast and did not want to stop just because of some pesky little people blocking his road, and then another man walking just in front of us toppled sideways abruptly, nearly slamming into my poor friend on the left. So yes, this isn’t  the average Singaporean neighborhood.)

They sell everything. I was mostly angling to get some stationery, but I dawdled at nearly every floor because I kept getting distracted by something shiny.

Or something fluffy, in this case.

Total sucker for these things, I am. My mom dug out the stuffed duck I had – my first giant stuffed animal! Bought in Venice, at a gleefully low price of 15 Euros, I think. For a few moments as I was looking at it and reliving the glorious memory of buying it, I accommodated a brief moment of regret for throwing my stuffed frog away. But my departure from Canada was such a frazzled one, I was really unable to lug it home.

At Mustafa, I also spent ages debating what kind of Post-It notes to get. T & A both ended up quite exasperated at me, especially when I ripped open a packet to check on their stickiness, because they were an unknown brand. They weren’t very sticky. The second time I reused a Post-It, it just fell right off.

Meanwhile, I need to come up with a skeletal thematic outline for creative writing/language arts workshops for third-fifth graders and for sixth-seventh graders, after today’s pleasant lunch with a former teacher, who also offered to let me teach a nine-year-old boy next Tuesday, because the boy is apparently “a little scared” of him. Lunch was pretty good as well!


I make a habit of eating my dessert first, if I can manage it. This is my favorite chinese dessert! Mango pomelo sago with mango ice-cream. Sometimes it’s green tea ice cream. That’s great, too. And salted egg yolk custard buns. Enough said. Egg yolk!!

This was surprisingly good! Mango-prawn fritters with sesame seeds.


This was the Indian vegetarian dinner appetizer platter. A was quite useless at introducing the food to us in an appetizing manner, and so I cannot explain what this was. There is yogurt. There are onions. There are pomegranate seeds. The crispy fried dough was very tasty.

I used the word ‘adventure’ loosely in this post. I took my aunt out for dinner yesterday because it was her birthday! We went to a pretentious little bar in the neighborhood park, and I belatedly remembered I hated the food there as I opened the menu. The highlight of the evening, however, was walking to the restaurant and finding a cat lounging on a park bench!

Cat: is momentarily interested in moving object

Cat: cranes head for better view to ascertain if object is classifiable as food

Cat: is now bored. Go away.

Punggol Park at twilight.

I should have named this post a repository of assorted photos. There are so many, many thoughts I’ve been considering but they defy my half-hearted attempts at categorization, and so I am procrastinating; I don’t want to sort them out yet.

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