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five more days: let the packing commence

The title is a horrible lie; I have not come closer to packing since my feeble attempt at reorganizing my wardrobe … last week. It promises to be a fairly sleepless week, but that is acceptable because I have been sleeping a ridiculous number of hours the past week; I seem to be unable to wake up – and get out of bed – before 9 am.

Recent purchases for packing purposes have included:

  • half-price A4 notebooks from Typo (one for philosophy & politics and one for economics and mathematics, though I must return and stock up because apparently pretty stationery is impossible to find in England)
  • dollar-fifty earphones from Value $ (yes, seriously … I used them during my rainy run today, and they did not die/fizz out/shock me, so I count that as a bargain)
  • two thumb drives in the forms of mini Coke and Heineken cans, courtesy of my dad
  • discounted Ugg boots, again, courtesy of my dad, from a warehouse in Shanghai (don’t ask)
  • an assortment of post-its, from Mustafa

These two days have been fairly disorienting, and dinner with A the day before was exceptionally full of … mishaps. I occasionally stun myself with the extent of my sporadic bouts of irresponsibility – who am I kidding, it’s chronic. Or at least, with boring, administrative tasks I couldn’t  bring myself to be more bothered about.

  1. After around three days of delay, I finally collected my visa and my passport fifteen minutes before the closing time. A and I left happily before we realized that it said place of issue: manila, and we had a minor panic attack as we mentally ascertained that we were not, in fact, in Manila.We had this revelation in the post office, but both of us couldn’t leave the post office together (I’ll explain why) and so I ran back to the agency to realize that it had closed, and so I was working myself up into a kind of anxiety attack when the security guard knowledgeably told me that it was standard, because the headquarters of the … visa-issuing institution or whatever it is called is in Manila, so the passports are actually flown there. What a strange division of labour.
  2. The reason both of us could not leave the passport at the same time was because we were in the midst of sending my university documents by courier service to my college, and I was in possession of a mailing envelope I had not paid for. We couldn’t send the documents first because the agency was closing very soon and also because I didn’t know my college’s address. 

    In my defense (though there is no valid defense, really), I thought the forms themselves contained it, as my medical forms had my college doctor’s address on them, and I assumed. In any case, after a series of unworkable solutions (A’s 3G – she did not have 3G; Starbucks Wifi – it was too far away; accost a stranger in the post office and ask to borrow their undoubtedly 3G-possessing phone – too paiseh, hahaha; call maid to riffle through the pages of my notebook and/or go online – could not find specific page and my grandmother’s computer could not go online then), A called her mom and her mom found the address on the Internet.Crisis averted! Also, (re)discovery; I am a moron.

Just typed out a document about writing UCAS personal statements – why are my nights always so productive and busy? What are days for? Maybe I should just resign myself to my night owl existence, but I always feel miserable and unproductive when I sleep in too late.

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