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Or as the Brits tend to say. The light in my room seem to have blown out, so I have taken a cue from that and am taking a break at the moment. Today is a day of little pleasures, because I decided to bike down to the Chinese supermarkets and get some groceries (£20 worth!!) They didn’t have some of the things I wanted, and others were overpriced, naturally, but I did pick up some tofu, miso, udon, dou miaopak choi and spinach, along with ikan bilis, dried baby shrimp, Peking duck sauce (!) and chili bean sauce. I was a very happy Asian girl (:

I also had a hilarious math class today, though I can’t really explain what was funny about it. But people kept snickering, and I was just so amused and also a little unfocused because I went out with my PPE coursemates last night and forgot to drink enough water before I went to bed. Unexpectedly good night, though. Nevertheless, I’m not going to make a habit out of it; as an occasional indulgence, it is delightful. I predict tedium if it starts becoming a habit.

For dinner, I made the dou miao (what is it, really? my housemates said it looked like spinach) with the dried baby shrimp (eliciting a very funny moment where my housemates tried the baby shrimp and then one of them pointed out it had eyes and the other one shrieked and flung it away from her, and all of us dissolved into a round of slightly hysterical laughter), and mapo and miso tofu (two dishes, don’t worry. No fusion dishes yet.)

Then I took another cue from the broken light and went to bed at 10 pm /o\ Woke up at 6 am and prompted Skyped for close to two hours, which was lovely.

But I meant this post to talk about windsurfing (or mostly to display my meagre collection of windsurfing photos). Actually, to call them ‘windsurfing’ photos is actually quite misleading since there aren’t actually any photos of windsurfs … or windsurfers, not least me windsurfing.



But when the first thing you see (we were at Farmoor Reservoir) is this, you have to post it. We have reservoirs in Singapore! They don’t look like this!

Photobucket   Photobucket

Photobucket   Photobucket


Windsurfing was cold – not intolerably. We were made to paddle in it, and I was told the ground was slimy and sludgy, but it really wasn’t that bad, though I had to go in barefoot. There were giant rips in my wetsuit, though, in the knees and elbows, which was aesthetically very edgy but physically unwise. I had giant bruises all over my knees afterwards, even though I didn’t remember bashing them at all.

It was the most tiring session I’d ever done – not sure if I did it longer than I usually did, but it couldn’t have been more than two hours, really, maybe not even 1.5h. The wind was a lot stronger and gustier, though, and the space was smaller than the sea (quite obviously), and the 4.5m squared sail was perhaps a little bigger than I could manage. Still great, though my feet came out numb and the concrete walkway up felt soft and squishy as I was stepping on them, which was a very disconcerting feeling and made me worry about my feet.




It was a lovely day, though, but I doubt I’d go windsurfing very often, at least this and next term. Sailing might be a nicer idea, what with the wind and relative lack of contact with the chilly waters, but I haven’t gotten around to putting myself on the mailing list yet. I’m leaning towards trying a little of everything this term and seeing what I want to commit myself to, because I’m so done with inessential and arbitrarily decided commitments on my time. Plus, I do think I want to use this term to get on top of work, in particularly UK politics, which I seem to be having a spot of trouble with, and the basics of economics and logic.

I also just read this amazingly thought-provoking article but I have many thoughts about it so it gets to go into another post (:

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