Quite clearly, my titles are often utterly useless at suggesting content.

In this case, I refer to the rain, and how it might be unbelievable that I might actually love rainy Oxford more than sunny Oxford. The rain has never come down too hard while I was still on the streets, and it isn’t cold enough – yet – that the chill slips from refreshing into numbing. I’ve been making the effort to avoid mentioning Pearson as though it was some sort of necessary comparison. But it is sometimes inevitable as a frame of reference, so I am going to say that whereas the rain and gray were depressing there then, here it feels historic and quintessentially intellectual English. 

What is unbelievable (in the uncomfortably hypocritical sense) is that right after I post about how intellectual learning excites me, I spend last night (post-tutorial) doing absolutely nothing and then sleeping ten hours. In my feeble defence, I am sick, which explains the latter but doesn’t excuse the former.

Then I spent the last three hours reading food blogs and eating lunch and staring out the window at rain. On a side note, I will start exploring Oxford soon ! I want to find a study corner high up in some quiet room with windows overlooking rainy streets. Yes.

The food blogs are gorgeous, though: specifically, Poires au Chocolate (whose author is actually doing a Masters at Oxford, as I discovered about eight posts in !), The Year in Food and Smitten Kitchen, which all had lovely pictures and recipes that made my heart salivate. Then, a few posts on the region I’m spending winter in (i.e. Languedoc-Roussillon) and a tour of a lamb farm that may have cemented my desire to volunteer on a lamb farm over Easter (yes, I was actually thinking about that before that post), an evocative article on hunger (spiritual and physical) and an article about polenta that made me tear up.

Food-wise, I have 1KG of salmon to get through in the next five days. I’m thinking, grilled miso salmon, salmon salad x2 and salmon pasta x2, alternating corn, tomatoes and those cute little potatoes. The only thing about cooking for yourself (cheaply) is that you’re kind of stuck eating the same kind of meat for however long your bulk purchase lasts.

Going (shamefacedly) back to my math work now.

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