Oxford / Updates

quick update (therefore devoid of insight)

1. This website makes me so happy. Cheap thrills, but being able to browse a French supermarket website almost as casually as an English one, fantastic. (Also, they classify everything. I could select to view salted butter in packets, unsalted butter in packets, salted butter in a tub, unsalted butter in a tub or butter in individual portions.) Even better than being able to browse the website is browsing it because I’m going to be there in two days. I’m setting a budget of sorts and checking out food prices – check out how dedicated I am!

Grocery shopping en français, not this, is the way to learn food names in French. I cannot wait to learn all the French names for different cuts of meat.

(There are also some ridiculously cheap bottles of wine.) This is a good thing.

2. My Mac charger miraculously started working, and after frantic searching (in the trash, no less), I found the receipt for the new one I bought lying innocuously on the floor next to my suitcase, so I am all set to claim my £65 back in about eight hours. This is a good thing.

3. I belatedly just realized I could have ordered Euros at my local Lloyds branch online earlier and just collected it today. Now it’s the weekend and I actually have to go down to the branch to get it changed. This is not a good thing.

4. Successfully repacked my suitcase for France – replaced half the clothes with books I am determined to finish reading. I could have fit more (of the ten books now languishing on the dinner table) but as it is, it feels heavier than 20 KG, so I am reluctant to add more books. Have also wiped down the kitchen stove and counters, and vacuumed the apartment. Also, downloaded tickets and itineraries, because I am just organized that way. These are all good things.

5. Running low on sleep but somehow I’ve passed the midnight threshold where I start feeling more energetic. Did not figure out how to use the washing machine. That is not a good thing.

6. Eating gratuitous amount of pasta. Since I can’t cook rice with a rice cooker anymore, pasta has replaced it as my daily carb of choice.

7. I feel like I’m circling the topic – what I really want to say – without actually broaching it. Enjoyed a quiet, fatigued day today after discharging all my social obligations yesterday … had a lovely but wholly inadequate Skype conversation earlier tonight. What a strange thing proximity (distance, I mean) is.

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