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what is better than a ripe avocado?

A ripe avocado deftly sliced into halves, that’s what!

(Another question: what’s better than a halved ripe avocado? A ripe avocado spooned into a salad with strawberries, cherry tomatoes and salt-pepper prawns :D)

I present photographic evidence:

 photo file-106.jpg

I wasn’t too sure about the strawberries but I had some handy and I need as many things to jazz up my salad leaves as possible before I can be persuaded to eat them. It was a good choice, though – the heat of the prawns and eggs released the strawberries’ aroma and made the salad smell amazing. I must also reiterate my love for ripe avocados.

Otherwise, it has been a bit of an aimless week, I confess – and the fortnight before that, too. The lack of work this term is messing with my levels of motivation a little, though I have accomplished the (for me, noteworthy) task of submitting all my assignments early. It is admittedly not that impressive when one only has three essays due every fortnight. My next milestone is going to all the interesting lectures I’ve marked on my planner but never actually made it to.

Tuesday night saw the spontaneous, inexplicable and intense desire to make pancakes, so A and I did. The (REAL) pancakes themselves didn’t turn out too great, because I had made the batter too runny (though I was very proud of myself for whipping the egg whites to peaks by hand), but A’s crêpes (which are what they’re called, despite the ridiculous British habit of calling them pancakes) turned out lovely and delicious, and I had two. One of them’s below:

 photo file-105.jpg

Notice the crystalline shine of sugar. And the ice-cream – that was some delicious chocolate ice-cream.

Before this, I had four pancakes with Nutella and sugar/lemon. That was a bad idea. Then I had the even worse idea of having salmon (since I hadn’t had a proper dinner, right) and then a bowl of tom yum soup before going straight to bed. I woke up the next morning feeling more hungover than I have ever had in my life, and a raspy voice, and groggily got ready for class. I pedaled off to lectures 15 minutes late without a coat because my room was uncomfortably warm and it looked sunny outside so clearly, it was summer weather. A series of good decisions were made over the past two days, evidently. I then decided to skip lunch because I felt too ill to eat, and went to the SSL to study for a good three hours, after which I proceeded to walk home in the ripping wind, all while feeling intensely sorry for myself.

Then I sat in my kitchen and sipped soup and talked to my housemates and felt marginally better. Then there was a tragic story about my failed love affair with the dining hall’s beef lasagna but that is for another time (because it is too painful to recount).

More things have happened in the past weeks than the fact that I have eaten food, but unfortunately that is the subject of this post. I have been ravenously hungry this week. It should be my resumption of cardio sessions in the gym, but as A pointed out, it could always be worms. Fingers crossed against the latter!

More think-y thoughts the next time (I’ve had friends visit, and I sat through tutor selections this morning, which was very exciting, and I’m making Easter plans) but for now, my essay calls.

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