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哭过的眼 看岁月 更清楚
想一个人 闪着泪光 是一种幸福

Very poignant – and fitting, I (like to) think – lines. Google Translate just absolutely butchered the Mandarin, so here goes an offhand prose rendition:

eyes that remember crying see the passage of time more clearly.
to be able to think of a person while blinking back tears, that is a type of happiness.

Chinese New Year passed in a flurry of meals and comfortingly old Chinese songs. Still have so many dumplings to make – I must have bought over 300 dumpling skins, and it’ll be at least an afternoon of mincing, chopping, wrapping and boiling to get through all of that, of course.

That is, once I finish this philosophy presentation. I really shouldn’t be working on it at this late hour because I received the assignment last Monday and I don’t even have to write an essay for it, but the readings are longer than usual and ridiculously opaque, and my weekend was consumed by CNY, an interview and hustings. I spent two hours today rereading a chapter written in a woefully long-winded and very repetitive style, only to realize that the chief argument I needed for my presentation appeared in the final page of the 35-page document; most of the other pages were just quite irrelevant.

Would write more – the week(s) have been eventful, but the rest of my reading aren’t going to finish themselves.

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