leaving for Madrid

Leaving never ceases to be a harried act, wrapped in a flurry of last-minute energy and motion. I have been conditioned to surround it with such pathos that it could not be otherwise. Despite my frequent movements and flights and airport transfers and packing and repacking, I persist in committing rudimentary mistakes. On the flight to Portugal … Continue reading

Musings / Singapore

light cannot / be bitter

– In the dark we crush, Julia Cohen Every flight to Singapore is accompanied by a potent paranoia that I will be mired there, whether in duty or inertia or any number of other deceptively trivial, grasping things – helpless to leave, in any case. This is less logistical than merely irrational, though after that Malaysia Airlines flight was shot down above … Continue reading


things about traveling

1. What I’ve come to expect from airports: A free, reliable and readily available power source Some amount of free internet Generous numbers of benches, chairs and assorted buttrests (preferably padded) Singapore does spoil me a little, what with the institutions it’s made of airports. Automated passport and fingerprint scanning mean I skip the manual … Continue reading