leaving for Madrid

Leaving never ceases to be a harried act, wrapped in a flurry of last-minute energy and motion. I have been conditioned to surround it with such pathos that it could not be otherwise. Despite my frequent movements and flights and airport transfers and packing and repacking, I persist in committing rudimentary mistakes. On the flight to Portugal … Continue reading

Musings / Singapore

light cannot / be bitter

– In the dark we crush, Julia Cohen Every flight to Singapore is accompanied by a potent paranoia that I will be mired there, whether in duty or inertia or any number of other deceptively trivial, grasping things – helpless to leave, in any case. This is less logistical than merely irrational, though after that Malaysia Airlines flight was shot down above … Continue reading



In light of Valentine’s Day, first, an intriguing article dissecting love: Fredrickson, a leading researcher of positive emotions at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, presents scientific evidence to argue that love is not what we think it is. It is not a long-lasting, continually present emotion that sustains a marriage; it is … Continue reading